The Sahrawi who was held at Bilbao airport is released

The youth department had asked the Interior Ministry on Friday night not to deport the man for humanitarian reasons.

The young Sahrawi activist Youssef El Mahmoudi, who had been held at Bilbao airport since June 23, has been released and will not be deported to Morocco this Saturday, as planned.

Several organizations that help migrants have posted on social media Photos of the young man leaving the inadmissible room from the Vizcaya airport this past dawn.

According to NGOs, this law student from 23 years who went on a hunger strike to protest the initial denial of asylum in Spain, has spent the night with friends.

Yesterday Friday, accompanied by two agents, he had boarded an Air Arabia plane bound for Tangier, but the flight commander refused to let him travel on the grounds that the flight would not be safe with their presence.

The Ministry of Youth and Children had requested that the Ministry of the Interior that same night to provisionally authorize El Mahmoudi’s entry into Spain, since he had “a solid and proven history of persecution.” who was refused asylum after arriving at Bilbao airport on June 23.

Posted on the profile of X of the Minister of Youth, Sira RegoIn a letter to the Ministry of the Interior, he recalled that after the request for protection was denied, the re-examination of his request for asylum was also rejected last Tuesday, while on Thursday the National Court refused to suspend his expulsion.

Upon learning of the decision, the Saharawi began a hunger strike and on Thursday started to feel badAfter alerting the emergency services at 112, he was treated by medical personnel at the airport and at around 11:20 p.m. he was transferred to the hospital for tests.

After confirming that his condition was not serious, he had returned to the hospital again. room for non-admitted persons From the airport.

“This ministry has closely followed the case,” states Rego’s letter, which shows “great concern” for the young man, since he has a “solid and proven history of persecution due to his student activism” in defense of Western Sahara.

Rego warned that failure to comply with the request to enter the country to manage this protection “may entail great risks,” while recalling the case of Husein Amadouranother young Sahrawi who was imprisoned was once returned to Morocco.

The Minister has therefore requested the Interior Ministry to authorise her to enter the country provisionally for humanitarian reasons “taking into account her personal and physical situation”.

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