Veterinarians warn of the increase in zoonoses with up to 20 million deaths per year

Veterinarians warn of the increase in zoonoses with up to 20 million deaths per year
Veterinarians warn of the increase in zoonoses with up to 20 million deaths per year

The Veterinary College Organization (OCV) has warned of the increase in cases of zoonoses in the world. Globalization and climate change facilitate the transmission of pathogens and diseases, which is why it is urgent to establish a “comprehensive” prevention system.

About 20 million people die every year due to a disease of animal originHowever, “many more lives are saved thanks to prevention or the rapid action of those professionals who are dedicated every day to controlling and managing the emergence and reemergence of zoonotic diseases,” says the OCV.

On the occasion of World Zoonoses Day, celebrated on July 6, the OCV emphasizes the need for a strategy that combines health surveillance, scientific research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

This is a crucial approach to detect and control current outbreakss, in addition to anticipate and prevent future epidemics and pandemics and ensure public health and global security.

The highest representative body of Spanish veterinarians calls for greater involvement on the part of professionals in human, animal and environmental health, and the implementation of the ‘One Health’ concept at a practical level. “Although the theory is increasingly clear, the creation, development and application of regulations is needed to transform this approach into effective tools for administrations,” they indicated.

The next steps, they point out, focus on three fundamental blocks: research, with the design of strategies for the prevention and surveillance of infectious diseases; the training of the different actors involved in global health; and a health policy that involves public administrations and different health organizations in a coordinated manner based on “perfectly defined” protocols.

What is zoonosis?

Zoonotic pathogens represent a major public health problem worldwide. These can be bacteria, viruses, parasites or non-conventional agents and can spread to humans by direct contact or through food, water or the environment. In fact, Pathogens can also spread through the airfor example, when people inhale particles containing pathogens from infected animals.

Likewise, the zoonosis They can also cause disruptions in the production and trade of animal products intended for food and other uses. Do you want to know more about zoonoses?

Zoonosis is an infectious disease that is transmitted from animals to humans.It can be transmitted by a variety of animals, such as rodents, birds, insects and other living things that humans may come into contact with.

Currently there are about 1000 described 200 zoonoses (or zoonotic diseases) that humans can suffer from.

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