The Placing of the Handkerchief to the Bull in Teruel, live

The Vaquilla weekend has an official start and a ‘real’ one. After the institutional events on the morning of this Saturday, July 6thThe tradition of placing the red handkerchief on the Torico marks the literal start of the festival during these days. The rain has not prevented the music and joy from overflowing in the Torico square and its surroundings, despite the late start.

It has been four long decades (since 1982) of continued tradition and with a remote precedent, since the first official Puesta del Pañuelico dates back to the end of the 19th century; specifically, it was in 1892, with Tomás Palacios of the Los Chachos group as the person in charge. 132 years have passed since that first effort, and this Saturday an emotion is reproduced that neither time nor distance can control, something very special to experience for any Teruel native at heart. and which always generates great emotion in all those who attend the event.

Teruel has 21 bullfighting clubs, and each year it places one of them in the Pañuelico, thus following the tradition that was restarted in 1982. This time, the honor goes to the Los Marinos group. Due to the limited dimensions of the epicentre of the festival, the Plaza del Torico, a giant screen is placed in the Plaza de la Catedral to follow this rite from there. There is a previous step, precisely in that same square of the Cathedral: the Ringing of the Bell of the Angel, which precedes the presentation of the Handkerchief to Los Marinos by the mayor of the city, Emma Buj.

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The Placing of the Handkerchief to the Bull in Teruel, live

The day ends in the bullring with two events: a bullfight with bulls from the Saltillo ranch for Sánchez Vara, Alberto Lamelas and Octavio Chacón (19.00) and the second Supercopa Toros en España de Recorte Libre (23.00).

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