The hard core of Maria Jose Suarez in the middle of the scandal with Alvaro Muñoz Escassi

The hard core of Maria Jose Suarez in the middle of the scandal with Alvaro Muñoz Escassi
The hard core of Maria Jose Suarez in the middle of the scandal with Alvaro Muñoz Escassi

The interview with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi (49 years old) last night on ‘¡De Viernes!’ has only managed to further fuel the controversy. His incendiary statements, in which he claimed that his love story with María José Suárez was “an open relationship” have caused a real media stir. The former Miss Spain seems to be sheltered with her family, while her name continues to make headlines. But who are the main pillars of María José Suárez at the moment?

Over the years, the model and presenter has forged very close ties with her colleagues. One of them is Eva Gonzalez. Their friendship dates back to the time of Miss Spain, where both received the title of ‘beauty queens’. In recent times, the two Sevillians have shared unique moments and have experienced very special celebrationssuch as weddings or the birth of their children. María José Suárez was of great help to Eva when she separated from Cayetano Rivera. The Antena 3 presenter spoke out a few days ago after learning of the breakup with Escassi: “Let her and he be happy, and that’s it.“, he confessed into the microphones without wanting to go into too many details.

On the other hand, María José Suárez also has the support of another Andalusian model. Rachel Revueltawhom she has known for years, is part of the most intimate circle of Escassi’s ex. When the news was confirmed, Raquel did not hesitate to wish her friend the best with some exciting words that she shared with the media. “I think she is being super elegant, super correct And I wish you to get through this difficult time in your life as soon as possible. and recover that joy and generosity that is given everywhere,” Revuelta said to Europa Press.


But if there is one person who has not left María José’s side since the news broke, it has been her sister Raquel. A few days ago we saw the two sisters enjoying a great plan together when they went to Luis Miguel’s concert, in order to put aside the media storm that is splashing their life.

Maria Jose Suarez is outraged by Escassi’s words

This morning on ‘D Corazón’, Luis Pliego revealed how the presenter has been experiencing these last few hours following the revelation that she has been his partner for the last three years. “María José is outraged. She tells me that there is no open relationship or anything like that. In these 3 years of relationship she had never broken up with him, no matter how many times he says there were comings and goings,” said the director of Lecturas. The model does not seem like she is going to stay quiet, quite the opposite. Through her last message on Instagram, Suárez has assured that she plans to speak.

A user left her the following message: “You should tell your truth because this man has made you look terrible.” And María José, far from sitting back, took the opportunity to issue a firm warning: “I will do it because today I found out that he had an open relationship. He knows perfectly well that this is a lie,” she wrote in response to the follower’s message, and then attacked the rider: ““What a shameful character!”It seems that the conflict has only just begun. The television personality has not taken her ex-partner’s statements well and is ready to confront him.

The former ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ contestant even claimed that during the last months of their relationship They had not been well at all“I have an open relationship with María José. We’ve been together for six months, five months, four and a half months, I don’t know how long, because I don’t know when the problem started. I don’t know when the first time we broke up was, maybe it was a year ago when we broke up and we went three days without talking to each other. And that’s going on ‘in crescendo’, so what happens is that there comes a point where I consider that I’m not with María José,” he said.

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