Inpec’s deputy sexually abused a woman sentenced to prison and was dismissed for 20 years

Inpec’s deputy sexually abused a woman sentenced to prison and was dismissed for 20 years
Inpec’s deputy sexually abused a woman sentenced to prison and was dismissed for 20 years

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A very peculiar fact was punished by the Attorney General’s Office.

He announced the sanction with dismissal and disqualification for 20 years for an Inpec dragon for taking advantage of his position to have sexual relations with a woman who is deprived of liberty.

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This is the general Jorge Alexander Muñoz Baquerowho apparently He abused a woman who was in a “defenseless state” on different occasionsthe entity said.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, the accused, an Inpec official in the department of Risaralda, “He made his desire prevail over the responsibility that assisted him as a public servant.”

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In this way, Muñoz Baquero received the heavy sanction, so he will no longer be able to work in the company. Badea Women’s Prison, in the municipality of Dosquebradas, Risaralda. Or failing that, no other penitentiary center.

The decision was made by the Regional Court of Risaralda, who confirmed that This was a person with a clinical and mental history that he knew about. and was in a vulnerable state.

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The control entity also highlighted that within the investigation they found that the dragoneante, “He took advantage of the woman’s frustration and apparent depression to deceive her” and agreed to it with the excuse that he was going to change her place of confinement if they had sexual relations.

In addition, he committed the sexual acts while he was on work schedule, thus violating the guidelines of the custody and surveillance staff.

For its part, the Public Prosecutor’s Office came to the conclusion that these acts carried out in 2019 They showed ignorance of the principles of public service by Muñoz Baquero.

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In addition, “violated the legal provisions arising from his position”so his actions, according to the Attorney General’s Office, were definitively classified as disciplinary offence as very serious committed intentionally.

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