Temperatures will moderate on Sunday, although instability and rain will continue in several areas

Temperatures will moderate on Sunday, although instability and rain will continue in several areas
Temperatures will moderate on Sunday, although instability and rain will continue in several areas

Las Rain and thunderstorm alerts The storms that occurred at the beginning of the weekend in 14 provinces will end this Sunday, July 7, when temperatures will also moderate with highs of up to 35 degrees in Córdoba.

According to the prediction of the State Meteorological Agency, it will be only in Catalonia where the yellow alert for rain persistsbut only at dawn, since there is no warning for the rest of the day.

The situation of instability persists

Specifically, AEMET warns that a situation of instability in the northeast of the peninsula with cloudy or overcast skies and precipitation, occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms, which could become locally heavy in the Pyrenees and surrounding areas in the early hours. Throughout the day, there will be increasing clearings while showers will tend to decrease and will occasionally be restricted to the mountains.

In addition Low cloudiness is expected in GaliciaCantabrian slope, upper Ebro, Strait, peninsular Levante and Pitiusas, with probable morning fog banks, and possibility of light and scattered rain in the Valencian Community and Cantabrian mountain range.

There will also be cloudiness in the afternoon in the mountain systems of the centre and eastern third of the peninsula, with the possibility of showers, especially in the eastern Iberian Peninsula and inland areas of the southeast where there could be occasional storms. The agency points out that it is likely that The formation of low cloudiness throughout the day on the Alboran coastswith coastal fog or mist expected. In the Canary Islands, cloudy intervals are expected in the north and partly cloudy skies in the south.

Maximum temperatures are increasing

On his side, Maximum temperatures will increase. Where?

  • In the north and northwest of the peninsula.
  • In the mountains of the southeast.

For its part, they will descend in:

  • The southwest, the Mediterranean arc and the Balearic Islands.
  • They will decrease “significantly” in the interiors of the Valencian Community, and in general with few changes in the rest.
  • Minimum temperatures will be slightly rising in the Mediterranean area and falling in the rest of the country.

In turn, there will be a westerly wind with some strong intervals at first in the Strait and Alboran, with a northerly wind in the Ebro, and There will be a predominance of the northern component turning to the east on the rest of the Mediterranean slopealso with strong intervals in Ampurdán at the beginning, and generally tending to subside.

The Aemet concludes its forecast with a predominance of the westerly component in the southern half of the Atlantic slope, and the northerly component turning west in the rest. In the Canary Islands, the trade wind will blow with strong intervals in exposed areas.

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