Maximum tension in Uruguay

Maximum tension in Uruguay
Maximum tension in Uruguay

Uruguay qualified for the semi-finals of the America Cup after beating Brazil in the agonizing penalty shootout. A rather unspectacular match in which neither team was able to impose their football and where Manuel Ugarte He became the hero of the ‘charrúa’ by scoring the decisive penalty.

Viniciuswho missed the match due to suspension, saw his teammates succumb to the Uruguayan team and were once again unable to become the kings of America. The Real Madrid player Endrickwho took his place in the starting eleven, was the Carioca player who tried the most throughout the 90 minutes. However, he was unable to find the Uruguayan goal.

They couldn’t either Darwin Nunez and company beat Alisson and the match ended in a goalless draw and was headed for a penalty shootout. Valverde started the round with a goal and Military missed Brazil’s first shot to give the Uruguayans the lead. They later missed Douglas Luiz y Giménezbut Ugarte ended up sealing the passage to the final of the team managed by Bielsa.

Moments of tension

The match started so heated that it had its first incidents in the first 15 minutes. They were carried out by Ronald Araujo and Endrick, future rivals of Barça y Real madrid in The league.

It all started with a play in which both players faced each other. Ronald wanted to mark territory and went looking for Endrick in the next play. And it was without the ball. The Brazilian fell to the ground. Minutes later, in a play without the ball, Araujo pushed Endrick with his shoulder from behind, causing a small scuffle.

Raphinha, a teammate of the Uruguayan at Barça, did not hesitate to defend Endrick and confronted Araujo, pushing him and throwing him to the ground. The referee had to calm things down, but the match was already starting to heat up.

The most dangerous move of the match came in the last quarter of an hour. A play in which Rodrygo could have been seriously injured after Nandez made a very hard tackle on his ankle.

He bent him completely, with all his studs stuck in, causing the Real Madrid player great pain. The referee did not see the action clearly, but after going to the VAR he decided to send off Nández. Uruguay played almost 20 minutes with one less man, but held on to the draw and won the penalty shootout.

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