Sanders says Biden will win ‘big’ if he focuses on fighting inequality

Sanders says Biden will win ‘big’ if he focuses on fighting inequality
Sanders says Biden will win ‘big’ if he focuses on fighting inequality

The sDemocratic Senator Bernie Sanders The president expressed his conviction Sunday that President Joe Biden will “win big” in November if he commits to addressing income inequality and supporting the working class.

Sanders, a figure from the more progressive wing of American politics, thus spoke out in an interview with CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ about the age of Biden, 81, and his face-to-face with former president and Republican candidate Donald Trump.

“Biden is old, he’s not as eloquent as he used to be,” Sanders, 82, said of the debate, but he said the important thing was to focus on policies: “What policies have benefited and will benefit the vast majority of people in this country?” he asked.

In that context, the independent senator from Vermont said that Biden “can clearly defeat Trump,” whom he called “the most dangerous president in the history of this country.”

He compared former President Trump’s (2017-2021) stance on issues such as abortion and the climate crisis with Biden’s achievements in favor of unions, the fight against global warming and child poverty, infrastructure development, or the expansion of Medicare, among others.

But while Biden’s record is “solid,” the senator was critical of the president’s campaign regarding the need for an agenda for the future.

The American people want an agenda for the next four years that responds to the needs of the working class in this country,” he said, “and frankly, I don’t think the president has presented that agenda.”

Comments from Sanders They come as the president has made several appearances to allay concerns about his mental fitness to serve another term following his contentious debate with Trump.

In that face-to-face meeting, the president seemed hesitant and did not connect some sentences coherently.

Following Biden’s weak intervention, several meetings have taken place between influential Democratic donors and consultants in an attempt to retain the confidence of the former, while more and more are threatening to cut off the flow of funding to the party due to the loss of expectations in the president and his candidacy.

Meanwhile, the senator Mark Warner, Virginiaa, has reached out to fellow Democrats to find ways to convince Biden to step aside and allow other candidates to seek the nomination, CBS reported.

Asked if he would be willing to be considered for the nomination if Biden were to step down, Sanders said he remains focused on running for reelection in Vermont.

Biden continues to maintain that he will not drop out of the race and that he is the “most qualified” person to lead the country. In an interview broadcast Friday on ABC, the president said the only chance he will drop out of the presidential race will be if “the Lord Almighty” asks him to do so.

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