Far-right loses French election, but aims for 2027 presidential election

Far-right loses French election, but aims for 2027 presidential election
Far-right loses French election, but aims for 2027 presidential election

France’s leftist New Popular Front coalition was the surprise winner of Sunday’s snap legislative election, with Macron’s centrist coalition in second place.


The French far-right party National Rally (RN) failed on Sunday in his attempt to get a majority in early legislative elections, but its leader and his disillusioned activists are keen to present the defeat as a victory that sets them up for the 2027 presidential election.

“The National Group has achieved today the most important advance in its entire history“We are in a crisis,” RN leader Jordan Bardella said in a five-minute speech half an hour after the exit poll showed his party in third place behind the leftist New Popular Front (NFP) and Macron’s centrist party.

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The results of the legislative elections, called after A heavy defeat for the centrist coalition of President Emmanuel Macron in the European elections in June, “are the foundations of tomorrow’s victory,” argued the far-right party.

In the first round last week, the party obtained 33% of the votes nationwide and was expected to win up to 240 seats. It remained in the lead in the inter-round period, despite the so-called “Republican Front” orchestrated by centrist and leftist coalitions to block RN victories in constituencies where three candidates had qualified.

But the exit poll published at 8:00 p.m. this Sunday placed RN as the third most voted party, with a forecast of 134 to 152 seatsbehind the New Popular Front, made up of the Greens, the Socialists, the Communists and the far-left party France Insoumise, which would obtain between 171 and 187 seats.

Macron’s Ensemble coalition surprisingly came second and is expected to retain between 152 and 163 seats. No party or coalition won all 289 seats. necessary for an absolute majority and therefore cannot form a government alone.

“Good days await us”

“The National Rally continues to face its glass ceiling. Its defeat It is due to the withdrawal of many candidates “in triangular situations,” Adam Hsakou, programme coordinator at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, told Euronews.

“The RN is undoubtedly paying for the fuss caused by the question of dual nationalitywhich enlivened the run-up to the election. Jordan Bardella was unable to calm the situation. It is a lesson for the man who perfectly embodies the normalisation of the party: young, from an immigrant family, he does not bear the surname Le Pen, he is eloquent and effective on social networks,” he added.

Bardella also He blamed the “Republican Front” for the defeat of his party, describing it in his speech as “unnatural political alliances, intended to prevent by all means the French from freely choosing a different policy.”

This “alliance of dishonor and dangerous electoral arrangements,” said Bardella, means that “in the midst of a crisis of purchasing power, while Insecurity and disorder have hit the country hard“France finds itself deprived of a resilient government majority and therefore of a clear direction to turn France around,” he said.

But both the leader and the militants tried to emphasize that The night still represented a victoryas their number of seats had increased significantly from the 89 they held before Macron dissolved the National Assembly.

Béatrice Roullaud, who retained her seat in the 6th constituency of Seine-et-Marne, told Euronews that although “in the end we did not get the results we expected, We got almost twice as many deputiesso it’s not bad either.”

“It wasn’t going to be this time, but it will be next time, because that’s what the French expect,” he told Euronews. “So of course Good morning awaits us“.

Quentin Hoarau, who stood for the party in the fifth constituency of Val d’Oise, also wanted to stress that “It remains a historic result“which shows that the National Grouping is really taking root everywhere.”

For Romain, a 50-year-old supporter, the results mean that “there will be several dozen people who will be even better prepared for the job. So we will be increasingly credible by 2027“.

Bardella: “It all starts tonight”

Not obtaining an absolute majority and therefore being forced into “cohabitation” with Macron could, in fact, play in favor of RN. “They will not be forced to try to govern for the next three years and They will thus avoid any responsibility “what will happen in France in the coming years,” Douglas Webber, emeritus professor of political science at INSEAD, told Euronews.

“As they cannot be blamed for what happens in the coming years, they (Marine Le Pen and RN) They will have a good chance of winning the next elections “The presidential election results will be a source of great political uncertainty in France. It is not at all clear what kind of government will be formed as a result of this election result,” he added.

Although Macron and his prime minister, Gabriel Attal, have pointed out their willingness to form a rainbow coalition government which involves several parties, they have rejected any prospect of an alliance with La France Insoumise (LFI), which they consider to be as extremist as RN.


However, it is believed that LFI has obtained up to 94 seatsthe highest number within the NFP coalition. The Socialists and the Greens would have obtained 65 and 36 seats, respectively.

Unlike other European countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, France has no history of coalition buildingso negotiations and power-sharing could prove difficult during the remaining three years of Macron’s term.

“If the new progressive government does not achieve results, 2027 could well be the year of Marine Le Pen“All the ingredients are in place for him to continue his progress over the next three years and achieve his dream: the presidency of the Republic,” says Hsakou.

The results mean that RN is the largest single political party in Franceas its two rival blocs are coalitions involving several parties. RN is also about to send the country’s largest delegation to the European Parliament following the European elections in June.

“The National Rally will intensify its work in the National Assembly, firstly by supporting Marine Le Pen in the country, and secondly by continuing to work for unity, uniting all French people and, of course, for the necessary democratic change; finally, in the European Parliament, (where) from tomorrow our MEPs will fully play our role within a large group,” said Bardella.


“Tonight it all begins. An old world has fallen And nothing can stop a people who have begun to regain hope,” he said.

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