Intense storms in some areas and temperatures of over 40 degrees in several parts of Spain

Intense storms in some areas and temperatures of over 40 degrees in several parts of Spain
Intense storms in some areas and temperatures of over 40 degrees in several parts of Spain

After the drop in temperatures and the storms of the last few days, this week will continue with Atlantic fronts crossing the northern tip of the peninsulaThese fronts will bring rain and storms to some communities and keep temperatures cool in those regions. In others, the heat will intensify and exceed 40 degrees.

For the moment, the beginning of the week is marked by a significant increase in temperatures across the countrywith values ​​above 30ºC in more than half of the provinces. According to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency, except for some decreases in the Canary Islands and coastlines of the southern half of the Mediterranean area, maximum temperatures will tend to increase in a widespread manner, “notably” in areas of the northern peninsula.

Maximum temperatures may exceed 35 degrees in areas of the Guadalquivir, Ebro and the southern plateau, while minimum temperatures will decrease in the Guadalquivir and northeastern Catalonia, increasing in the rest of the northern half of the peninsula and remaining stable in other areas. The cities of Córdoba and Toledo will record the highest temperatures with 36 degrees, while Vitoria will have the lowest minimum with 9 degrees.

Rain and storms in these areas

In general, stable weather is expected with mostly clear skies in much of the country. However, the The approach of a frontal system will cause cloudy or overcast skies in the northwest of Galicia, with rain at the end of the day which could extend to other areas of the northwest of the peninsula. Cloudiness will also develop in the interior of the eastern third and around the Cantabrian areawith possible occasional showers or storms, more likely and intense in the Pyrenees.

There will be low cloud cover in the morning in parts of the Cantabrian Sea, the Pyrenees, the Strait of Gibraltar and large areas of the east and southeast of the peninsula, with the possibility of drizzle in the south of the Valencian Community. Likewise, coastal mist or fog cannot be ruled out on the southeastern coasts. In the Canary Islands, intervals of cloud are expected in the north and clear skies in the south.

Very intense heat during the day

A similar day is expected on Tuesday, with Rain in Galicia and Asturias and possible storms in the mountainous areas of the north. Temperatures will drop in the northwest, while they will rise in the rest of the country, exceeding 34 degrees in Mallorca, much of the southern half and the northeast, and reaching between 36 and 38 degrees in the Ebro and Guadalquivir valleys.

Starting Wednesday, the weather is likely to remain stable across the country, with light rain limited to the far north and sunshine and warmth elsewhere. Temperatures will continue to rise, making Wednesday and Thursday very hot days in many areas of the country.

On Thursday, temperatures could exceed 36 to 38 degrees in the Balearic Islands, the northeast of the peninsula, the central area and the southern half, and reach 38 to 40 degrees in parts of the Ebro and GuadalquivirTemperatures are expected to drop over the coming weekend in much of the country, although the east, south and the Balearic Islands will continue to experience intense heat.

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