Igualada rapist sentenced to 35 years in prison

35 years in prison. This is the sentence that the Barcelona Court has imposed on Brian Raimundo C. for the brutal rape of a minor in Igualada, in the early hours of November 1, 2021. Of them, 15 for the sexual assault and the remaining 20, by attempted murder. In addition, the court of Section 10 considers the aggravating circumstance of discrimination based on gender in both crimes and will have to compensate the victim with more than 330,000 euros. The ruling considers proven that that morning, the individual, aged 24 and of Bolivian nationality, followed the victim when she left the Épic nightclub, until reaching a “lonely, poorly lit alley and in front of a fenced vacant lot”, where he attacked her “in a surprising manner with a blunt, hard object with which he hit her hard and repeatedly on the head, knowing that there was a high probability that this would end her life”.

The magistrates point out that after those blows, the minor fell to the ground and it was then that He introduced her into the alley where “with absolute disregard for her condition as a woman, and taking advantage of her semi-unconscious state, generated by the blows received, and with the purpose of iIncrease the pain of their victim by causing unnecessary sufferinghe hit her in various parts of the body, and then, with absolute disregard for her free sexual determination, he brutally and repeatedly inserted bodily elements into her, such as his fist, or undetermined blunt and pointed objects, or a combination of both, which he carried out over a period of approximately 20 minutes.

Then, “knowing that the low temperatures of the place and the lack of immediate medical assistance to treat the hemorrhage and serious injuries that had been inflicted on him would end his life, and that this would increase his suffering until that moment arrived, He left her lying on the floor naked, semi-unconscious, bleeding and without the clothes she was wearing. and that the defendant took with him.”

The injuries caused by the assault required “365 days to heal, of which 332 were an obstacle to his normal activities, 30 days of hospitalisation and three days of stay in the ICU, with sequelae including, among others, severe post-traumatic stress disorder, mild hearing loss in the left ear, tinnitus in the left ear and moderate aesthetic damage due to surgical scars on the abdomen.”

«Brutal evil»

It was just over two weeks ago when the trial against Brian Raimundo was set for sentencing. During the final reports, the prosecutor called the attack “brutal evil without purpose.” One of the popular accusations pointed out that the accused “He not only wanted to attack the victim, but he wanted to kill her.», while his defense maintained that the evidence collected by the investigators, that of the cameras that place him in the area close to where a carrier found the minor seriously injured, as well as the geolocation of his mobile phone, were not sufficient to convict him. In any case, he requested that if he were to do so, the court should do so only for sexual assault and rule out attempted murder.

Both the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the other defendants requested 45 years in prison for Brian Raimundo for both crimes. They agree that the individual acted “with mean, perverse, cowardly and treacherous spirit». They also pointed out that the telephone antennas allow the individual to be located, not only at the place of the attack, but in the same time frame in which it was perpetrated. During the search of his home, five months after that November 1, 2021, the Mossos located the same items of clothing with which he appears in the images. In one of them, the jacket, they found DNA of the victimwho was then 16 years old.

In addition to the sexual assault, he also attacked her brutally. “These are injuries that we see more in the autopsy room than in a consultation to assess damages. She could have died from the first minute she suffered the cranial injuries,” certified the forensic doctor who examined the minor, who described it as a “miracle” that she had survived. Not only because of the blows inflicted on her head, but also because of the “impalement” that caused a brutal tear, about 15 centimeters long. It was the attack of a “monster.”

Any of these injuries, taken separately, could have caused her death, “both due to the risk of haemorrhage, with the lack of immediate assistance, and due to subsequent infections,” the expert certified. Although it has not been possible to determine exactly, the main hypothesis is that her attacker used a blunt object to hit her and also to cause internal injuries. To recover, she needed several surgical interventions and remained hospitalized for 30 days.

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