an all-rounder for all audiences and with interchangeable casings

About a year ago Nothing presented CMFa sub-brand with more affordable prices that the firm tested with a watch (Watch Pro) and wireless headphones (Buds Pro). The acronym CMF stands for Colour, Material and Finish, that is, colour, material and finish, a statement of intent for a range of products whose intention is to reach more consumers thanks to its price, but without giving up the DNA of the parent brand.

Now, CMF by Nothing is taking a new step, and in addition to presenting the new Buds 2 and Watch 2 Pro, Pro is also launching a mobile phone, the CMF Phone 1, which with prices of 239 or 269 euros (depending on the model chosen), aims to be ‘a first smartphone’ with all the essentials for those who buy one for the first time. Of course, as could not be missing in a product of the brand, Design continues to be a hallmark. And although it is not a transparent product, a constant of Nothing, this first CMF does leave the steel screws that hold it in place clearly visible on the casing. In addition, the company’s engineers have brought back the old fashion of interchangeable casings, so that users can alternate both the colours and the finishes of their mobile. To do this, all they have to do is remove the screws with the tool included in the box.

A strange circle stands out in one of the lower corners of the back. In reality, it is the cover of an ‘accessory point’ that unscrews and allows you to add things to the phone such as a fold-out stand, a card holder or a lanyard. A solution that, at first glance, seems full of possibilities and that will allow users to customize their phone to the maximum.

Display and performance

The new terminal mounts a 6.67-inch Super AMOLED panel capable of displaying up to 16 million colors and with a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits, allowing you to see the screen clearly even under direct sunlight. The refresh rate is adaptive and ranges from 60 to 120Hz, so that even videos with faster movements will be seen clearly and without that annoying ‘wipe effect’. Thanks to HDR10+, brightness and contrast are guaranteed.

The brand’s new headphones cost 59 euros

Now it’s time to talk about performance. In this section, the terminal should not have any problems, since it has a chip whose performance has already been tested in numerous smartphones. We are talking about the Mediatek Dimensity 7300 5G, manufactured with 4-nanometer technology and with a clock speed of up to 2.5 GHz. The two versions of the CMF Phone 1 come with 8 GB of RAM (expandable to 16 thanks to another 8 GB of virtual RAM) and 128 or 256 GB of storage space, expandable up to 2 TB with storage cards, a feature that Nothing implements for the first time and that is very rare in this price range.

As for the battery, we find a 5,000 milliamp battery, which allows you to work with the phone for two days, as long as you perform ‘normal’ tasks. It has a 33 W fast charging system (charges 50% in 20 minutes), and also reverse charging via cable to power other devices, although at a rate of only 5 W. According to the manufacturer, the battery allows you to listen to music for 45.4 hours, or watch YouTube videos for 22.6 hours, or talk non-stop for 43.6 hours. Although if you play, you can only do so for 8.3 hours straight before running out of power.

Passed in photography

In terms of photography, the new CMF Phone 1 is a long way from other devices, even mid-range ones, but this is understandable given its price. However, the cameras will be able to give us more than one satisfaction. The main one has a 50-megapixel Sony sensor and a x2 zoom. It can record videos in 4K quality and also in slow motion, at 120 fps. The second camera is a 2-megapixel depth sensor exclusively for portrait mode. Up front, the front camera is 16 megapixels. Software algorithms, such as AI Vivid Mode, allow you to get sharp photos in practically any lighting. In this regard, it also has an XDR system, developed together with Google, which improves the quality of the images we take in the most difficult lighting conditions.

The device, which comes with Android 14, comes with two years of major Android updates and three years of security updates.

As mentioned, the price of the new CMF Phone 1 with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space is 239 euros, which rises to 269 if we choose the version with 256 GB. Both versions of the phone will be available next Friday, July 12.

Also with interchangeable design

At the same time as its first phone, CMF also introduced the second version of its watch, the Watch Pro 2. And although it is usual to put the price at the end, this time we will do it from the beginning, to make things clear: 69 euros, i.e. within the reach of most pockets. And what does Nothing offer us for that modest amount of money? Well, for starters, a lightweight and resistant aluminium casing, accompanied by interchangeable bezels (like the casings of the CMF Phone 1), which allow the user to change the look of the watch at will.

Secondly, a 1.32-inch AMOLED display, with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels and with automatic brightness adjustment, up to a maximum of 620 nits, allowing it to remain sharp under any type of light.

Third, a crown that allows you to navigate through the different functions and menus by turning it. And a series of gesture controls that, with just a movement of the wrist, activate different functions or answer calls, skip to the next song or allow us to check the weather tomorrow.

The watch includes a wide range of sports and health functions, with automatic recognition of 120 sports.

Of course, the watch includes a wide range of sports and health functions, with automatic recognition of 120 different sports, intelligent algorithms that measure the effectiveness of training or help us warm up before running or cycling, personalized heart rate analysis, blood oxygen levels, sleep control or menstrual cycle tracking algorithms or control of sleep or stress levels, among many others.

The GPS system, on the other hand, is based on data from five different satellites, allowing for extremely precise location while running, walking, hiking or cycling.

The battery, with normal use, can last up to 11 days, which drops to 9 if we make intensive use of the watch. In battery saving mode, the Watch Pro 2 can remain on for more than 45 days. All functions are controlled from the mobile phone through the CMF Watch App

In short, not bad for the 69 euros they are asking for it…

CMF Buds Pro 2, cutting-edge features

What has been said about the watch in terms of price/quality ratio also applies to the brand’s new headphones, which cost 59 euros. Nothing’s wireless headphones have always left an excellent impression on users, and the company wants that feeling to continue to be the same with the CMF.

As expected, these headphones also incorporate an exclusive new feature: the possibility of controlling them through a customizable rotating button (Smart Dial) built into the case. Something never seen before in this type of product.

For example, to adjust the volume, simply turn the button. And by pressing it, you can control noise cancellation, activate the voice assistant, or mute the microphone during meetings. An alternative and novel way, then, of controlling our headphones, and only time will tell whether or not it proves to be comfortable and attractive for users.

As for the sound, it is controlled by dual drivers that combine an 11 mm bass driver and a 6 mm tweeter. Noise cancellation isolates us from external sounds of up to 50 dB in a frequency range of up to 5,000 Hz. In addition, the CMF Buds Pro 2 ‘take advantage’ of the technology developed by Nothing and implemented in its headphones and are capable, like their ‘big brothers’, of automatically detecting and compensating for any sound leakage that may occur between the earphone and the ear canal, further improving noise cancellation.

For voice calls, the headphones feature 6 high-resolution microphones with Clear Voice 2.0, which isolates ambient sounds and prioritizes your voice during phone conversations.

The 60 milliamp battery in each earpiece allows you to listen to music for up to 11 consecutive hours, or hold conversations for up to 6 hours. By recharging the earphones in the case, you will have up to 43 hours of guaranteed playback (or 25 hours of talk time).

Like the rest of the announced products, the CMF Buds pro 2 will be available on Amazon from July 12 at a price, as mentioned, of 59 euros.

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