Laporte is the one who knows France best…

FSpain and Spain meet in the semi-finals. A match that any professional wants to play, but which has a special meaning for some of its players: this is the case of Theo, Norman (renowned) or Laporte. All three of them defend certain colours, although they could easily have been different, between the red of Spain and the blue of France.

The case of Aymeric Laporte began back in September 2016, when Deschamps called him up for two qualifying matches for the 2018 World Cup. “I have called him up to play. He is going to play. I knew he could be called up for Spain,” the coach said. But that was not fulfilled despite being called up three times and that is why the defender was able, with the regulations in hand, to go with La Roja.

Laporte never made his debut under Deschamps after 51 games in the youth ranks of Les Bleus. He will therefore meet old teammates from Clairefontaine, namely Dembélé, Rabiot, Coman, Pavard, Maignan and Areola All of them at that time in the residence on the outskirts of Paris in search of a dream: to reach the absolute.

Laporte decided in 2019, after the disappointment of the World Cup, to opt for Spain since Luis Enrique I was betting on him. Lopetegui He already followed him during his time as coach. What happened then has already been told. Laporte always said that Deschamps did not answer his messages, the coach replied that it was not true, but the centre-back has already closed that stage. Laporte already faced France in the 2021 Nations League final after making his debut with Luis Enrique on June 4 this year in a friendly against Portugal prior to the Euro Cup.

Laporte, alongside Pavard, Dembélé and Conte, with France’s under-21s in 2016.

The question that MARCA asks According to some French media gathered in Paderborn, this is the opinion in France of Laporte and whether he could have played for Les Bleus. It is true that, right now, the coach does not have a left-back in his squad. There is no clear opinion, for some he has been a loss, for others he lacked patience and there are those who believe that he would never have had a place and that he was also right to choose Spain.

“Apart from the French youth team, where he was always called up and always played, Aymeric Laporte never got the recognition he deserved in France. He hasn’t had any luck either. It all started very early, when he did two trials at Marseille. OM wanted him, but he lived too far from Marseille and was too young (15 years old) to be recruited. First failure for France,” comments Fabrice Lamperti, journalist for the Marseille daily La Provence.

“He deserved to be in the French team, especially because he has an unusual profile, that of an athletic left-footed centre-back. But he didn’t have enough patience. If he hadn’t blackmailed Deschamps, I’m sure he would have ended up playing for France like Theo Hernandez, for example.. Since Umtiti and even Kimpembe, the French national team has not had a good left-footed centre-back. It is a real shame that he has not been more patient,” adds the journalist.

Rabiot, with the French flag, in an under-21 eleven with Rabiot and Coman.

“He’s a great centre-back”

“For me, Laporte is a great defender. Solid, with good reading of the game, intelligent, good with his feet, but he didn’t belong in France. Central defence is the most diverse playing area in France. There are at least 10 top-class players. Laporte did well to go to Spain. It makes sense if the opportunity presents itself. Deschamps didn’t count on him, he was the fifth or sixth choice. Would he have a place in France? With Deschamps, no. Konate, Saliba, Pavard, Upamecano, not to mention Hernandez, Fofana… “Laporte made the right decision,” comments Baptiste Deprez of Le Figaro.

“He lacked patience and his attitude was not appreciated”

“In France we see him as an excellent centre-back who could have had a place in the French national team. But he lacked patience. Deschamps called him up several times, but he didn’t play him much, and that didn’t please Laporte. He made that clear with his attitude in the group, which was not considered very positive by the Les Bleus coaching staff. In addition, they have always had very good centre-backs (Varane, Kimpembe, Umtiti, Upamecano…), so Laporte couldn’t impose himself on them just like that.” says Damien Legorre of L’Equipe.

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