Abascal threatens the PP with breaking the regional pacts if they accept the distribution of immigrant minors

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has warned this Monday that from his formation They will consider all regional pacts with the PP to be “broken” If the autonomous governments in which they participate do not use “all political and legal means” to avoid the distribution of immigrant minors.

Abascal has linked immigrant minors to the increase in crime and has stressed that, if the PP and its regional governments accept the distribution of these minors, Vox will break the pacts and abandon these executives.We will not be complicit in robberies, machete attacks and rapes.he stated during the press conference following the meeting of the Vox Political Action Committee.

The Government has yet to agree on the distribution of immigrant minors from the Canary Islands. On July 10, the inauguration of the Sectoral Conference on Children and Adolescents to agree on distribution. In the Valencian Community, they have taken the lead and PP and Vox have registered an initiative in Les Corts in which they urge the Government to “transparently inform” the regional executives and the security forces regarding “the interregional distributions of illegal immigrants”, with the aim of “being able to prevent and plan an efficient and effective action.”

In the PNL (non-law proposal), PP and Vox launch other requests, such as not to close any barracks or installations of the Civil Guard in the Community and urgently increase the number of agents of the armed institute and the National Police, “updating the outdated catalogues to the current population and new criminal phenomena.

They also ask fill vacancies and renew the agreement that regulates the Police unit attached to the Generalitatas well as toughening up the Penal Code “to combat the wave of thefts on farms in the Valencian orchard.”

France is heading towards “Islamist and communist suicide”

Abascal also celebrated that Marine Le Pen has “portrayed” the “Islamist and anti-Semitic ultra-left, to the globalist center and to the progressive rightwho have chosen “Islamist and communist suicide” for this country.

In France, on Sunday, Le Pen’s party, the National Rally, won the most votes (more than ten million votes), even though the alliance between the left and the liberals has caused the electoral law to hinder it, leaving it in third place in the distribution of seats.

The leader of Vox has congratulated Le Pen and her party for their “spectacular electoral progress”, making National Rally the “leading political force” in the neighbouring country.

He also commented that in Spain the PP will have to “choose” between “the patriotic parties or the Islamist and anti-Semitic left“He denounced that “Macron has already done it, he has placed France on the precipice of that communism, that Islamism and that anti-Semitism,” and «Feijóo has also started to choose and he has started to choose badly for Spain».

He has also denounced that the leader of the PP has chosen “Sharing judges with Pedro Sánchez”thus “legitimising” his “blow to the Constitution” and has done so by “legitimising Sánchez internationally with this agreement”. In his opinion, Feijóo “has also made a bad choice in Europe, since he has decided to ally himself with the socialists in Europe following Von der Leyen’s orders”.

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