Ecuadorian woman died after undergoing a cosmetic procedure in Medellin

Ecuadorian woman died after undergoing a cosmetic procedure in Medellin
Ecuadorian woman died after undergoing a cosmetic procedure in Medellin

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An Ecuadorian woman, who lived in the United States, came to Medellin to undergo some cosmetic procedures. After the same He began to feel discomfort when he was just beginning his care in the apartment she had rented in El Poblado, southeast of Medellín. She was then rushed to the El Rosario Clinic, in El Poblado.

The deceased, identified as Ketty Patricia García Novillo, 59 years oldhad arrived in the country with her daughter from the United States, after learning of the facilities available to undergo surgery in the abdominal area, in which she reported the pain that caused her to faint while she was showering.

The situation was recorded within the property located on Carrera 25 with Calle 4, inside a building located in El Poblado and her daughter transported her in a vehicle to this health center, the closest one, but the doctors at this health center could do nothing to save her life, since she had arrived without vital signs.

Agents from the Sijín of the Metropolitan Police inspected the lifeless body of this foreigner and They left the causes of his death to be established, pending clarification from the Medical Examiner as to whether this was due to a problem with the procedure or for other health reasons.

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Ketty Patricia lived in the state of New Jersey, United States for several decades, after leaving her native Guayaquil to seek a better future for herself and her children. She intended to stay in Medellín until her recovery process was complete, before returning to the North American country.

With the death of This Ecuadorian woman is 34 non-migrant foreigners this year in the Aburrá Valley, Of these, 33 were recorded in Medellín, according to official records. In addition, she is the first person born in Ecuador to die in the city this year.

Of those who died in these events, Three are homicides (one American, one Salvadoran and one Mexican)Six were due to suicide, six due to drug and scopolamine overdoses, 12 due to health problems and the rest are still in the process of being established by the Legal Medicine.

The most recent death of a foreigner occurred last Saturday inside a hotel in El Poblado, where authorities found the lifeless body of the Canadian Robert Frederick Goods, 73 years oldAccording to preliminary records, this person was in poor health and was not heard from for three days, until he was found by workers at the establishment where he had been living since January of this year.

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