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Montenegro: “I have to ask the Governor not to take the population hostage”

Montenegro: “I have to ask the Governor not to take the population hostage”
Montenegro: “I have to ask the Governor not to take the population hostage”

Mayor Guillermo Montenegro led the celebrations for Independence Day, which took place in Villa Mitre. In this context, he read a speech in which, among other things, he pointed to unity and asked Governor Axel Kicillof not to hold the people of Buenos Aires hostage to his interests.

“I am convinced that we are on the right path. I am not saying that it will be easy, we know very well that it is not, but I know that we are on the right path. On this July 9th, I invite you to renew our commitment to Mar del Plata and fundamentally to think about the Argentina that we want, to continue working side by side with the same determination and courage that those who fought for our independence had, to continue building the city of yes, the city that generates opportunities,” said the Mayor.

Along these lines, he continued: “I have to ask the governor not to take the population of the province of Buenos Aires hostage for his personal or political interests. The only thing that will guarantee us the right to a future is that the values ​​that govern us as Argentines must always come before rewards and acquired rights, rights without duty. Let life find us on July 9 giving the best of each one of us to our society,” he said.

In addition, Montenegro assured that this Tuesday marks “one of the most significant dates of our nation, which is July 9, Independence Day, a day to remember and honor those patriots who in 1816 decided to forge a path to freedom for Argentina. More than two centuries ago, in the historic house of Tucumán, a group of patriots met with the firm conviction that our destiny had to be in our own hands and Perhaps also as it is today, it was a time of uncertainty full of challenges, but also of hope and determination because those heroes of 1816, those leaders like Manuel Belgrano, Castelli, Güemes taught us that independence is not built overnight, that it is not built with pettiness and selfishness,” he said.

“We were taught that Independence is built with courage and unity that we must all contribute the tools to move forward and achieve our goals. Over the years we have learned that independence is not only a historical act but a constant commitment to the values ​​of freedom and justice. It is something that we have to defend and value every day and I am convinced that today, as heirs to that legacy, We have the responsibility to continue building a free Argentina and with opportunity for all because each one of us is a key piece in the construction of the Argentine identity. As Argentines, it is essential to listen to each other, respect each other and work to defend freedom and build an increasingly better place,” Montenegro said.

Finally, the Head of the Municipality assured that he is convinced that the ability to innovate, grow and adapt to the challenges of the present and the future It is something that characterizes the people of Mar del Plata. “We believe in the capacity of our people and their potential to transform the city and here is where I want to reaffirm something that I have been saying for many years now. Mar del Plata must continue to be the city of yes a city that is in constant movement, that seeks new opportunities, that believes in progress, that is supportive and that builds itself day by day in each and every one of the people of Mar del Plata, also saving the legacy of our heroes every day,” he concluded.

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