Do you know what happens when a metal object falls onto the subway tracks? – La Prensa

Do you know what happens when a metal object falls onto the subway tracks? – La Prensa
Do you know what happens when a metal object falls onto the subway tracks? – La Prensa

The Metro Collective Transportation Service reported that the Normal to Zócalo section remains out of operation due to construction work being carried out there.

Through an information card, the organization detailed that Fixed installation technicians make adjustments to a track device at the Pino Suárez-Zócalo-Tenochtitlán interchange.

Service is only available at:

For the above reasons, the train service is offered in Cuatro Caminos to Colegio Militar and from Pino Suárez to Tasqueña, so the Normal to Zócalo section remains out of operation.

The Relevant Incidents area was informed of the incident, for the technical investigation of the origin of the damage to a track switch, which was probably caused by a metallic object.

Risk objects

Just last July 2, the Metro called on users to properly hold their belongings on the train arrival platforms, since objects with metal components, such as umbrellas, that fall onto the tracks increase the risk of short circuits.

The agency called on passengers to properly store umbrellas during the current rainy season to prevent them from falling and their structure from coming into contact with the guide bar or electromechanical equipment of the trains, causing damage.

There are 18 umbrellas that fall on the tracks

It is worth mentioning that in the first half of the year, 18 umbrellas have fallen onto tracks, several of which have caused electrical arcs and short circuits in these facilities, as well as damage to the electromechanical systems of the trains, and the consequent impact on the service.

The Metro explained that the guide bar that energizes the trains has a power of 750 volts of direct current, so any metallic object that comes into contact with it can cause a short circuit.

From January to June, the Metro recorded 1,816 objects that fell onto the tracks, of which 743 were cell phones; 296 headphones; 92 glasses; 86 pieces of footwear; 85 canes or crutches; 33 sets of keys; 18 umbrellas; 16 cans and 11 metallic balloons.

In addition, backpacks, wallets, bank cards and credentials, thermoses, caps, balls, toys and money, among others.

It is worth mentioning that of the 1,816 objects, 214 had metallic components.

When taking stock, the Mass Transportation System Metro He explained that during the months of June, May and January, they recorded the largest number of objects falling, with 338, 310 and 295, respectively; followed by March, April and February.

From January to June of this year, the Metro Lines with the most records of objects on the tracks were 3, 2, 8, 5 and 7, in that order.

In the case of objects that are not metallic but are bulky, they can cause damage to electromechanical equipment on both tracks and trains.

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