The Fuente Ymbro rapids and the miracle of the San Fermin cape

10/07/2024 a las 08:48h.

The bulls of Fuente Ymbro marked The fastest running of the bulls during these SanferminesThe bulls from the Cadiz herd took two minutes and eighteen seconds to complete the route, exactly the same time as those from this farm last year.

The herd left very close together, always led by the steers. At high speed they went up Santo Domingo and passed by the Town Hall and Mercaderes squares. At the entrance to Estafeta, the bulls took the left side, clearing out all the young men who were against the wall. Along Estafeta street the herd stretched out, but never broke up, allowing the bulls to move forward. Many races with the runners very close to the horns.

This is how you get to the descent of the alley with two halters in front and The bulls entering the square almost in single file and without hesitation towards the corrals.

High speed confinement where Those from Fuente Ymbro have not suffered defeats. And the fact that in this maelstrom of thousands of young men and terrifying horns, the health toll is five bruised and one injured in the face, is still the daily miracle of the magical cape of San Fermín.

In the afternoon, those from Fuente Ymbro will be fought by a poster in which Peruvian Andrés Roca Rey stands outin his first appearance of the current fair. Roca is the only bullfighter who has made a double in Pamplona after having managed to open the main gate on two occasions in the last edition. He is therefore the current idol of this bullring, of the bustling stands in the sun and also of the most select fans in the shadows. The current top figure is accompanied by the veteran Miguel Ángel Perera and the young Tomás Rufo. Those from Fuente Ymbro, with their tremendous rigging, will mark the afternoon.

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