“It was anxiety, I was reading the news on TV”

“It was anxiety, I was reading the news on TV”
“It was anxiety, I was reading the news on TV”

The governor of Corrientes, the radical Gustavo Valdesspoke about the search for the little one Loan Danilo Peñawho has been missing for 27 days. There he improvised a justification about his controversial tweet in which he stated that it had occurred “a big step” in the resolution of the casereferring to Laudelina Peña’s statement in which she swore that the child had been run over, a version that is now being investigated to see if it was fabricated to divert the case.

In this regard, Valdés justified himself by saying that ““I was watching the case on TV” and that it was out of “anxiety” that he shared that message.

It was during a mini press conference he held with local media at the door of the governor’s office. There he was asked about the controversy that had arisen with the tweet, which took place at the same time as Laudelina’s statement in which she accused María Victoria Caillava and Carlos Pérez of having run over the child.

“Yes, for sure (there was controversy), it is anxiety as a father. Who among the people of Corrientes was not anxious? A heartless person can only not be anxious to know. At that moment we were watching TV, We knew that the statement (by Laudelina) was taking place, but I was being informed on television. of what was happening and well…”, the governor tried to argue.

Valdés shared this post at 11:38 a.m. on Saturday, the 29th, when the content of Laudelina’s statements was first made public. He later elaborated on the matter in another tweet. “Laudelina testified before both the Attorney General’s Office and the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of #Corrientesand he would have narrated how the events of the Loan Case occurred.” It was around noon, when the version of the crash had already been established.

Laudelina had spent the previous night testifying before a prosecutor from Corrientes capital, brought by her then lawyer, José Fernández Codazzi, a man who is frequently linked to Valdés himself. In the last few hours Codazzi was removed and one of Laudelina’s daughters stated that the version of the crash was concocted by the lawyer, who He promised the family “a house and a motorcycle” so that they would target Caillava and Pérez.

Asked about the link with lawyer Codazzi, Valdés said it is a lie that he is an acquaintance of his.It’s a lie, it has nothing to do with reality.“I can have photos with many people and that doesn’t mean we are friends, it means I took a photo,” he said bluntly.

Valdés: “We overlooked many things”

At the press conference, Valdés thanked Patricia Bullrich for “the enormous help” she gave in the case and trusted the federal justice system to collaborate in the search. “They have the technology and capacity for this type of case, wiretapping, opening phones.”

“From the first moment we deployed all the police forces. 700 volunteers. We missed a lot of things, because at first we were looking for Loan that he was missing and then other hypotheses came up. When I initially said that it could be a case of trafficking, I said that there were no other clues and it has to do with that,” he said.

It’s almost been a month since there was any news from Loan. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

He then said that “there are surely things to correct” about the work of the Corrientes force, regarding the commissioner Walter Maciel, accused of covering up. “Today we are trusting the federal justice system. There is a police officer involved, we will see if there is another one, we are trusting in his work and that he is shedding light on what happened to Loan,” he stressed.

Finally, he also pointed out the “political vultures” who try to “take advantage of the disappearance of a child.”I say that there are political vultures who unfortunately try to take advantage of a missing child. I don’t think politically, about the repercussions. I want to find Loan,” he concluded.

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