André Orellana apologizes for his harsh entrance and reveals what ‘Patón’ Mejía and Pedro Troglio told him

André Orellana apologizes for his harsh entrance and reveals what ‘Patón’ Mejía and Pedro Troglio told him
André Orellana apologizes for his harsh entrance and reveals what ‘Patón’ Mejía and Pedro Troglio told him

André Orellana came forward to show his face and talk about the tough tackle he made in the Clásico against Olimpia, receiving a red card and leaving Marathón with 10 men in the last minutes of the match on the eighth day of the 2023 Apertura Tournament.

The young defender chatted with DIEZ about what he did and apologized to both the teams, Germán ‘Patón’ Mejía and the Argentine coach Pedro Troglio, who defended him at the end of the game at the Yankel Rosenthal stadium.

Orellana, who plays on loan for the purslane club on loan from Olimpia, was saddened by the imprudence he committed and hopes that if he is given a sanction it will not be so severe.

“I think it was a play where the momentum and courage for the game overcame me, it is not correct at all. I already spoke with teacher Troglio and with ‘Patón’ who is a father to me,” the 21-year-old player began by saying.

Was it a product of fever due to the bad result?

We agree that it was a product of fever, it was not a correct play.

What was going through your head after the expulsion?

It occurred to me that I had made a mistake, and that my teammates didn’t deserve that.

He tells us that he apologized to ‘Patón’. What did they say?

Germán Mejía told me that nothing was happening, that he loves me and that I was part of the game, that I should not lose my DNA and that I should continue working, that I have a lot to continue growing. And I talked to the teacher too. And well, I just apologize to both institutions, both the Marathon and Olimpia.

Did everything remain an anecdote with ‘Patón’? Without resentment…

Yes, as I tell you, if I got to the National League because of someone, it was because of ‘Patón’ Mejía, we always talk and we always share.


Pedro Troglio pointed out that he has to learn. What did the Argentine strategist say to you after you apologized?


Professor Troglio told me to be calm, that he appreciates me and that these are experiences to improve.

It is the first time that he has suffered an expulsion after a foul of this magnitude. What do you say to the fans?

This is part of football, all that remains for me is to correct and know how to control each impulse. I have to know how to have a balance, I tell you that this will not happen again.

Are you aware that a heavy sanction could come your way?

The truth is I was wrong and I apologize to everyone, you are human and you learn from mistakes. We hope it’s not too strong.

We know that the results in Marathon are not happening. What is your opinion of this bad moment?

I think a lot, it certainly affects me personally, but I know that as a team we will get through this. that there is no evil that lasts. And at the end of the tournament you will see a more united and consolidated team.

Are they to death with Salomón Nazar? There is a sector of the fans that is beginning to despair.

As a team we are always to death with the teacher who is there and we support each other.

The action has gone viral on social networks.

Well, no way, this is part of football. As I mentioned before, I am aware that I was wrong and I apologize to everyone. We learn from mistakes.



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