Giorgio Costantini, the Brazilian youth player who breaks it in River’s Sixth Division: “Wearing this shirt is crazy”

Giorgio Costantini, the Brazilian youth player who breaks it in River’s Sixth Division: “Wearing this shirt is crazy”
Giorgio Costantini, the Brazilian youth player who breaks it in River’s Sixth Division: “Wearing this shirt is crazy”

River’s youth divisions are an inexhaustible pool of soccer players that not only promote values ​​of River’s Primera, but also of the Argentine National Team. The lists of the youth teams confirm this statement with multiple examples, both in the Sub 15 and the Sub 17. Not to mention in the senior team, where players trained in the millionaire seedbed usually take over every call that Lionel Scaloni makes.

Beyond this production of Argentine players, in the River quarry there is a youth who arrived very recently from Brazil and who is coming to break that hegemony. His name is Giorgio Costantini and those who had the chance to be at the River Camp last Saturday will have been struck by his stride, his display and, above all, his excellent punch. His right hand scored the tying goal at the end of the match, to overcome a 0-2 deficit and rescue a point that allowed us to close the day against Sabalero without defeats.

Giorgio Costantini arrived at River four months ago, after ending his relationship with Athletico Paranaense, a club where he completed his youth training before making the decision to travel to Argentina. He is a midfielder, he can play as a central midfielder, double five or as an inside midfielder. He identifies with Enzo Fernández and Bruno Guimarães. But above all things, he is in love with River, largely due to family inheritance.

In exclusive dialogue with La Página Millonaria, Giorgio Costantini told how he experienced his first times in Argentine soccer: “As everyone knows, I am Brazilian, I was born in Curitiba, I came to River because my family is Argentine, we are all River fans, all millionaires. I left Athletico Paranaense this year, a test came up here, that’s where I stayed. As a fan, I couldn’t not accept the chance to play here.”recognized the steering wheel of the Sixth of the Greatest.

Giorgio Costantini, author of the great goal for last Saturday’s draw against Colón (Photo: LPM)

For his part, he highlighted some differences that exist between Brazilian and Argentine soccer: “Here you have much more passion and emotion, more shock and more friction. There it is a much more technical football, more played, it is different.” Furthermore, when talking about its characteristics, he stated: “I always played in Brazil, I am a technical, intelligent player. Now I am adapting to Argentine football, to crash and defend more, to be more intense”he explained.

Giorgio also told the microphones of La Página Millonaria what it means to wear the Greatest shirt: “It’s crazy, I think any River fan dreams or wants to represent this shirt, this shield and this club. It’s something from another world.”he expressed.

Giorgio Costantini, River Sixth midfielder who arrived from Curitiba in mid-2023 (Photo: LPM)

One of the first things he did when he arrived in Argentina was to live the experience of going to see a game at the Monumental. Something that reaffirmed his desire to wear the Sacred Mantle: “I had the chance to go to the stadium. Every time I go I have more desire to be a player and want to debut in the Primera de River and in the Monumental”Giorgio concluded.

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