Third Sports Grade | Faitelson describes Mexico’s defeat against Honduras as embarrassing | TUDN Selection MX

“Embarrassing, you can lose 2-1, 1-0 fighting, but this team once again corroborated that we have a failed generation of footballers. It seemed that the defeat against the United States was the bottom line, well no, now they made a worse mistake… “Mexico was embarrassed, a team without football, without personality, our football was a shame.”

Alex de la Rosa from TUDN pointed out that the Mexican player has a problem always facing his rivals face to face.

“We confirm that the Mexican soccer player is capable of competing against Germany and then against Honduras he puts himself at this level. The Mexican soccer player is having a hard time competing, having more personality, but he goes to Central America, Qatar, Europe and it costs him a world”

Javier Alarcon from Imagen TV gave his opinion that Jaime Lozano is not ideal to be able to get the company out of the crisis. Mexican team from which he has lived since the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“A generation limited mentally and in quality, there is not the slightest doubt, they are guilty, but not fully responsible. We have a problem of professionalization in national teams… this no longer has a remedy. The tactical manager is Jaime Lozano, he is a victim of the circumstances, he is not a technician who is up to the task of a crisis like in ’90.

“After the cachirules he brought Menotti to change mentality, paradigms, then Mejía Barón, Lapuente arrived and in ’98 the golden years of Mexican soccer ended.”

Alberto Lati from Claro Sports and Fox Sports pointed out that he sees fear, more than anything else, in the players of Mexico, a mental issue.

“We know that in football terms we are behind, we compare with other visits to El Salvador or Honduras that are hostile, this time it was not, this was a picnic because they were defeated beforehand and the people reflected it, we cannot seek any type of mitigating, but what worries me is mentally, the lack of reaction capacity, it would be dangerous to say it is because of apathy, but there is something more dangerous, because of fear, fear of what they will say, of what will happen, what happened on Friday was dramatic.

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