The former River who returns from retirement: Marco Ruben will play for Maldonado in Uruguay

The former River who returns from retirement: Marco Ruben will play for Maldonado in Uruguay
The former River who returns from retirement: Marco Ruben will play for Maldonado in Uruguay


He wore the River shirt, hung up his boots in mid-2022 and will now return to activity to defend Maldonado’s shirt.

By Ubaldo Kunz

Updated on 11/20/2023 – 9:57 p.m. ART

Updated on 11/20/2023 – 9:57 p.m. ART

© LPMThe former River footballer who returns from retirement to play in Uruguay.

Not all footballers accept retirement from professional practice in the same way. Some assimilate it in a good way and in other cases it costs a little more. Above all because of what day-to-day life with teammates means, what is experienced inside a locker room and the adrenaline that rushes every time there is something at stake. Many need years of preparation and therapy to overcome that void.

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In the last few hours, news came from the other side of the Río de La Plata that confirms this theory. A former River striker, who has just announced his retirement in mid-2022, announced that he will return to professional football and that he will do so in a Uruguayan club. Who is it about? Of Marco Rubenhistoric scorer for Rosario Central, with a brief stint at Millonario in 2007.

The former attacker of the Greatest received a proposal from Maldonado of Uruguay and decided to accept it. In this way, he will return to activity a year and a half after saying goodbye to the Canalla fans, where he is considered an idol. Rosario Central’s historic scorer He signed a contract for one season and was already officially presented on social networks.

Marco Ruben was presented as Maldonado’s new reinforcement.

Marco Ruben’s time at River

The forward from Capitán Bermúdez arrived at River at the beginning of 2007, as part of a package of footballers who arrived from Rosario Central and was made up of left back Cristian Villagra and goalkeeper Juan Ojeda. For that operation, the Greatest spent a total of 8 million dollars.

In the 2007 Clausura Tournament he played 16 games and scored 3 goals.while In the Apertura of the same year he played 12 and scored 4 shouts. He complied with the “Law of the Ex” and scored a double against Rosario Central, who for obvious reasons could not celebrate. Besides, He played 8 matches in international competitionsin which he did not score any goals.

At the beginning of 2008, Villarreal from Spain came after Marco Ruben and bought the striker’s contract. who barely scored 7 goals in River. How much did he pay? 7 million dollars. Yeah, 1 million US currency for each goal scored in the Greatest.

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