Marko explains the play that was key in Verstappen’s victory

Despite the good performance of the Ferrari team at the brand new Las Vegas Circuit, nothing could prevent Max Verstappen from finally taking another victory in his triumphant 2023 Formula 1 season. The driver from the Netherlands managed to prevail in the face of various adversities occurred throughout the 50 laps of the Las Vegas GP to take his 53rd victory, with which he ties Sebastian Vettel at only 26 years old.

However, to achieve this less comfortable victory, Max Verstappen needed certain external conditions and long-term decisions that were decisive in being able to beat Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari. Some keys that Helmut Marko now focuses on, revealing a strategy undertaken on Friday that was ultimately decisive for Max Verstappen.

Helmut Marko gives the key to Max Verstappen’s victory in Las Vegas

Thus, the Red Bull advisor had no problem recognizing how complicated the first stint with the medium tire was for Max Verstappen, who despite taking the lead at the start, was finally overtaken again by Charles Leclerc, in a race that seemed put on the Monegasque face:

Max had more wear on the medium tires than we expected. Ferrari was better with that compound, we also received a five second penalty and on the radio you could see that Max was fuming“, said Helmut Marko after the Las Vegas GP race, which took a turn in favor of Red Bull with the move to hard rubber:

With the hard tire, he showed what he is made of, how he can read races nowadays and how aggressive but fair he can race“, continued the Austrian advisor, about a change in trend that was undoubtedly driven by the second safety car period, in which the two Red Bull drivers chose to go through the pits again to gain an advantage over Leclerc, a move which was possible thanks to your good work the day before:

We deliberately did not use those hard tires in practice, as we wanted to reserve two sets for the race”, revealed Dr. Marko about a shrewd decision by the Red Bull team, and that allowed Verstappen and Pérez to execute a joint attack on Charles Leclerc, who until the safety car seemed to have the race in his pocket.

Leclerc’s tires were, of course, five laps older after the Safety Car period, although the problem started earlier for him than for us.“, maintained the former Formula 1 driver, referring to an a priori minimum lap difference, but which ended up making the difference, added to the worse performance of the Italians with the hardest compounds.

Once Max was able to get out of DRS, he finished the race calmly. At that moment we knew we would win.”, Helmut Marko concluded, happy to see how Red Bull climbed with its two drivers to the most media podium of the year, also completing the ‘plenary’ in the championships after Sergio Pérez guaranteed himself second place in the drivers’ world championship. about Lewis Hamilton.

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