Novak Djokovic sees Jannik Sinner as number 1 Grand Slam champion

Novak Djokovic sees Jannik Sinner as number 1 Grand Slam champion
Novak Djokovic sees Jannik Sinner as number 1 Grand Slam champion

Novak Djokovic is a deep connoisseur of tennis and knows that his words are taken into account, which is why he would not make as strong a judgment as the one he has made of Jannik Sinner if he had not seen something special. In addition, the Serbian player pointed to the key to his victory over the Italian in the 2023 ATP Finals.

It is inevitable for any fan to think about what the future may hold after what we have seen this tennis season. The current campaign has not yet ended and we are already wondering which player can hit the table in 2024 and the majority’s answer includes the name of Jannik Sinner. The tremendous progression at all levels that the young Italian tennis player has had and his performance in the ATP Finals 2023 They make us think of him as a strong candidate to explore his limits in the coming months. Settled in 4th place in the ATP ranking and knowing what it’s like to already play in the Grand Slam semifinals, he is on the right track to achieve important things. He thinks so too Novak Djokovicwho expressed himself emphatically in a television talk on an Italian program, where he also spoke about his feelings after becoming champion in Turin.

– Djokovic points out what he thinks was the difference between the round-robin duel with Sinner and the final

“I’m very happy, it’s been an incredible week and being champion and being able to beat Sinner, who was in front of his audience and who had defeated me a few days ago, was an incredible feeling,” commented the Serbian, who did not hesitate to point out What was the difference between those two games. “I came out much more mentally prepared for the battle, I was aggressive on the court and knew what I had to do at all times, something that did not happen in the round-robin clash,” said Novak, who has already admitted to having felt a little void of motivation during those matches, after securing the number 1 in the world, but having recovered the magic in the semifinals, seeing himself able to completely dismast Alcaraz.

Questioned about Jannik Sinner’s potential, the current and everlasting number 1 in the world surprised everyone with some forceful words that must be taken into account. “I understand the expectation that there is in Italy around him. He will be number 1 in the world and will win Grand Slam tournaments, and not only me, but also many others say it. He has potential, talent, dedication, fantastic values, he is a great boy and both his family and his team are very professional and advise him well. The truth is that I wish him the best, except when I am on the track,” declared a Novak Djokovic that could be measured once again at Jannik Sinner before the season ends, if both nations progress to a hypothetical semifinals of the Davis Cup Finals 2023.

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