Brugui speaks out after the scare: “I feel fine”

Brugui speaks out after the scare: “I feel fine”
Brugui speaks out after the scare: “I feel fine”

Scare this Monday in the Ciutat de València during the Levante-Racing de Santander. Roger Brugué, better known as Brugui, fell on the grass in the 103rd minute of a match that ended 2-4. Galech Apezteguía, referee of the match, declared the end of the match at that precise moment. The Levante player lay down on the pitch and, as confirmed on his social networks, he did not lose consciousness or faint at any time.. Bouldini, Germán and Sainz-Maza approached the footballer immediately. After a first intervention by the medical services, he had to be taken off the field on a stretcher and stabilized in the locker room.

He I raised He reported the footballer’s condition a few minutes later with a message on Twitter: “Brugui is conscious and his vital signs are stable.. At this time he is being transferred to the hospital to perform the relevant tests.” Javi Calleja, Granota coach, commented on what happened in the press room: “They took Brugui to do some tests. He was stable, he is fine, he had lost his vision a little, it was a big scare, but at first it seems like everything is going well.”

Roger Brugué27 years old, had taken the field in the 70th minute, replacing Iván Romero, so he has only been on the field for 33 minutes. He was transferred to the IMED hospital center in Valencia. to perform tests, find out the causes of the accident and his state of health.

This Tuesday, the player spoke out on social networks to ‘calm the waters’. He did so through an Instagram story: “I want to thank you for the multiple expressions of support and encouragement that I have received during the last few hours and convey a message of tranquility because everything turned out to be a scare”.


“During the game, I noticed dizziness and temporary loss of vision and I fell on the grass so they could treat me. At no time did I faint or lose consciousness. I also appreciate the quick action of the clubs’ doctors and the health personnel present at the stadium. The tests that have been performed on me are positive and I feel fine.. Right now I’m already thinking about getting back to training and being able to help the team. Thank you all,” she concluded.

Encouragement messages

Jose AlbertoRacing coach, expressed his concern about Brugui: “First of all, I hope that the scare we all had with Brugui stays that way and that the player recovers well and as soon as possible.” Íñigo Sainz-Mesa also joined in the mixed zone: “I would like to send a message of encouragement to Brugui so that everything is a shock, he recovers soon and that we are waiting for him in football.” These messages were joined by that of Mirandés: “Much encouragement Brugui! That it was just a little scare!”

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