Pirelli eliminates one of its current tires for F1 2024

Pirelli eliminates one of its current tires for F1 2024
Pirelli eliminates one of its current tires for F1 2024

2023 has been a busy season for Pirellisince it had to produce two different versions of tires during the course, in addition to the extensive testing program to study the debut in 2024 of tires without thermal blankets.

But after the F1 Commission decided last month to postpone the introduction of tires without thermal blankets until 2025, with a vote scheduled for July, the Milanese manufacturer changed the goal to review the characteristics of the tires, including the repositioning of the C2 and C4, something that was also discarded.

However, ahead of the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi, where post-season testing will also take place, Pirelli confirmed that there will be no changes for 2024. In fact, the compounds will remain the same as this year, less the C0, which will be eliminatedwhich will leave the total number of compounds available for each weekend at five.

“As normal, some tests will follow the last round of the year the following Tuesday with all the teams on track with their two cars, one dedicated to the young drivers and another to test the tires exclusively,” said the Italians before flying to Yas Marina.

“It must be said that on this occasion there will be no new tires to test in terms of compounds. In fact, the FIA ​​and the teams have recently been informed that in 2024 the tires will be the same as this year, with only one change: the reduction from six to five tires in its entirety, due to the elimination of the C0, which has never been used in a race weekend,” he explained Mario Isola.

In fact, the C0, which was actually the 2022 C1, had been kept as a sort of “backup” option in case the need arose, since it was significantly harder than other solutions. However, it has never been used in Formula 1 2023.

Mario Isola remains confident that the current construction, which was modified in the middle of the year with new materials that have improved its resistance, will be able to withstand the increase in downforce until the end of the 2024 F1 season: “If I look at the simulations we received in June, with the current construction we can cope with those load levels.

“But this year, for example, they have been able to achieve a higher level of performance and load than the simulations from the beginning of the year. We will receive the new simulations in early December and of course we will analyze them because they are probably more accurate than those from June,” the head of Pirelli in Formula 1 said in conclusion.

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