Santi Giménez is worth more than double that of the entire Honduras squad

Nov 21, 2023, 11:03 ET

The big difference between the Mexico and Honduras squads has not yet been reflected in the quarterfinals, with Tricolor suffering a 2-0 setback on Honduran soil

Santiago Gimenezthe most expensive footballer in the world Mexican team, has a contribution of more than double the total value of the workforce of the combined Hondurasaccording to data from Transfermarkt. According to the specialized site, the Feyenoord forward is estimated at 40 million euros, for the 16.9 million that the Catrachos roster adds up to.

Just last October 17, Santiago Gimenez took the baton of the most expensive soccer player in the Mexican National Team, since Transfermarkt the price of the youth squad increased Blue Crosswho went from 25 million euros to 40.

Same case as that of Santiago GimenezIt’s of Edson Alvarez, the second most valuable footballer of the tricolor team. The West Ham footballer also more than doubles the Honduran squad, with his 35 million euros.

Luis Palmathe Celtic attacker, is the most valuable footballer in the squad Honduras with 3.50 million euros. With this price, the ‘Bicho’ only exceeds the price of two footballers from the Mexican National Team who were considered for the current FIFA Date: Guillermo Ochoa and Antonio Rodríguezgoalkeepers who are estimated at 1.50 m.

In the current template Honduraswhich is directed by Reinaldo Rueda, only five footballers exceed the value of one million euros. In addition to ‘Bicho’ Palma, Anthony Lozano (2 million), Alberth Elis (2 million), Bryan Acosta (2 million) and Rigoberto Rivas (1.50 million) also appear.

Regarding the total market value of the squads, the difference is abysmal, although it is not reflected on the field. Mexico has an approximate value of 223 million dollars, while the entire Honduran team barely reaches a value of 18 million dollars, that is, Jaime Lozano has a team 12 times more valuable than Reinaldo Rueda.

Mexicowith a total value of 204 million euros, reaches the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Nations League with an adverse score of 0-2 against Hondurascombined which is estimated at 16.91 million.

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