Sports University boasts its 1934 title and FIFA endorses it

Sports University boasts its 1934 title and FIFA endorses it
Sports University boasts its 1934 title and FIFA endorses it

In recent days there was a dispute on social networks on the number of championships won by Universitario de Deportes. The blue and whites expressed that the creams had the same number of titles as them. They did not take into account the tournament won in 1934 by the meringues for a series of controversies. Finally, FIFA did take into account that U championship.

The Matute team showed off their 26 Peruvian championships. They stated on networks that the creams achieved their 26th title just this season. However, Universitario remembered a 1934 championship in which they had just changed their name. The highest entity recognized it since in that year they became a independent institution.

«The club also changed its name to its current name in 1933, cutting ties with the National University (of San Marcos) and becoming an independent sports entity. A year after their separation, Universitario won their second national title, starting a streak that would lead them to climb to the top of the Peruvian soccer pyramid.

expresses the FIFA note

Due to the recent Betsson League 1 title, FIFA on its website dedicated a note to Ate’s team. In the writing they comment that the U became the biggest winner in the history of Peruvian soccer. The cream fans celebrate the entity’s estimates and show off their 27 stars.

On the other hand, a few days ago Universitario showed off the 1934 trophy in its museum. This fact added more spice to the controversy against its biggest local soccer rival. The merengue club is holding a series of events to show your achievements after the title achieved a few weeks ago.

Jean Ferrari, the club’s administrator, is in the process of getting the Central Bank of Peru to authorize the distribution of special coins. The coins are in tribute to the 100 years of club history. Those from Ate are looking to celebrate their centenary year in style.

The 1934 edition and the Universitario de Deportes championship

On that occasion, 9 Peruvian soccer clubs participated. 8 of them were from the city of Lima. In the accumulated table Alianza Lima finished first with 21 points along with the U. By units added in the Reserve Tournament, the blue and white finished above the creams.

The tiebreaker was decided in a single-match final between the greatest teams in Peru. The National Stadium in Lima witnessed the meringues championship. They won two goals to one for Matute’s team in 90 minutes. At that time, Ate’s team won their second national title.

On the other hand, the clubs that were relegated to the second division of that league were Sporting Tabaco, Unión Carbone, Ciclista Lima and Sportivo Italiano. He top scorer of the tournament was Lolo Fernández with 10 goals in 9 games. Jorge Alcalde from Sport Boys also appeared.

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