Russo has a technical and tactical issue to define

Russo has a technical and tactical issue to define
Russo has a technical and tactical issue to define

It is a fixed fact that Russo will define the income of Mallo and Martínez Dupuy to cover the forced losses of the suspended Martínez and the torn Cervera ahead of the crucial meeting in Sarandí against Arsenal. Other touch-ups are not ruled out.

Central continues with its training plan intense to reach the closing of the campaign in Sarandí with all the enthusiasm in tow. It is already installed in the next edition of the Copa Sudamericana. They also have the chance to change their ticket to the Libertadores if they beat Arsenal and, if some sporting results favor them, they can go directly to the group stage, as well as qualify for the playoffs of the League Cup. But Miguel Russo has another dilemma. Has to decide who will be the replacements for the suspended Damián Martínez and the torn Tobías Cervera. The theoretical framework indicates that Facundo Mallo and Luca Martínez Dupuy will be the designated replacements. In that case There will be a tactical movement: Juan Komar will move to the right side to give place to the Uruguayan central defense. Although with the DT you should not take anything for granted because he usually alters pieces without first giving signals. Above all because Carlos Quintana was injured against River. Another issue to keep a close eye on is whether you choose to replace another face in the steering wheel area.

There is still room for evaluations and assumptions. The game against Arsenal will be on Sunday, at 6:00 p.m. There are several practices left. Also There is time to see how Carlos Quintana continues to evolve of the knee that has been abusing him for a long time and has generated acute complications in this last period.


Quintana will be evaluated day by day to see if he will be able to play against Arsenal after being injured with River.

From the rogue entity they told Ovación that the central defender will be observed on a day-to-day basis after having left the field against River when the first half ended due to an illness. Everything will depend on the decision that Russo makes if necessary.

Meanwhile, the crux of the matter is knowing how he will form against Arsenal. The experienced DT has two safe casualties to replace. The suspension due to the accumulation of yellow cards of Damián Martínez generated a free space on the right side. While another position to fill is in the offensive before Tobías Cervera’s tear against River.

A priori, everything indicates that Facundo Mallo will enter for the former Unión. To this we must add that Juan Komar will continue among the starters. Will it be to continue playing in the central defense due to the Quintana case or to stand on the defensive right wing? For now, the only certainty is that he will remain among the eleven scoundrels. Just in case, Agüero prepares the boots.

Regarding Ismael Cortez, it should be noted that the coach has not taken him into account. At the same time, in the corridors of 800 Miter Street they affirm that at the end of the year the contract will not be renewed. The suggestion is not to use it, unless it is truly due to force majeure. Will he play in Sarandí?

For its part, Cervera not being available, the one who has everything to play on the move is Luca Martínez Dupuy. The young striker of the house gained several lengths of advantage over Octavio Bianchi some time ago. Even the goal he scored against River worked more in his favor because he showed himself to blend very well with the rest of the team in a way that had not happened in a long time.


Martínez Dupuy scored against the millionaire and will replace the injured Cervera.

Until then everything would be under control. Russo seems to have much of the training ready to go out and look for the second victory so far in 2023 as a visitor when they face Arsenal. Although it should not be ruled out that he puts his hand in the middle.

As Agustín Toledo is another of the surnames that will not continue for the moment In the club, Central must make use of the option for 50 percent of the rights for 300 thousand dollars to Temperley before December 31. The intention is to test other players who arrived like Dannovi Quiñonez, to name one. If so then the middle zone could be reset and there would be positional movements.

The concrete thing is that Central will face the last date of the League Cup knowing that it managed to keep one of the international tickets. He already has a guaranteed place in the Sudamericana. However, if they defeat Arsenal they will settle in Libertadores and we will have to see if it is in the group stage or prior. As if it qualifies for the quarterfinals of the League Cup.

Consequently, those who have secured a place in Sarandí are Jorge Broun, Juan Komar, Facundo Mallo and Alan Rodríguez; Kevin Ortiz, Tomás O’Connor, Ignacio Malcorra and Jaminton Campaz, and Luca Martínez Dupuy. Miguel Russo must complete the technical and tactical board.

To remain firm in Arroyo Seco

He rogue squad He has a well-defined agenda. The training week started this Monday afternoon in the country of Arroyo Seco. But the routine will be different from this Tuesday, since the platoon will move in the morning. And so it will be until Saturday because in the afternoon they will begin the trip to Capital Federal to play against Arsenal in Sarandí the next day, starting at 6:00 p.m.

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