OnlyFans model regrets showing her breasts at the Raiders game

OnlyFans model regrets showing her breasts at the Raiders game
OnlyFans model regrets showing her breasts at the Raiders game

On Sunday, November 12, the model OnlyFans, Danii Banks, went viral on social networks after showing her breasts during the Week 10 match between Las Vegas Raiders and the New York Jets.

After this event, the woman indicated in an interview for TMZ that the security guards and police officers at Allegiant Stadium attacked her and threw her out of the venue.

A week later, Danii Banks showed her sensitive side and said that she caused a mess, although she is grateful that no children witnessed this controversial moment.

“I honestly agree. I guess it’s kind of a mess that I made a mess and there were kids around, but where I was I can assure you there were no kids or I totally never would have done it,” he said in an interview with TMZ.

Danii Banks drove Raiders fans crazy

Instagram Danii Banks

Daniel Banks He confessed that the section he was in is only allowed for those over 21 years of age, which is why he has apologized to all those who were offended by this controversial gesture.

The video of Danni Banks showing her breasts

Daniel Banks She shared on her Instagram account the video of the moment in which the team showed her breasts and so far it has accumulated more than 150 thousand likes and more than 3 million views.

Danii Banks went crazy and lowered her blouse to show her breasts at the Raiders vs Jets game

The incident was reminiscent of Blueface’s recent visit to a Los Angeles Rams game, where he brought a group of strippers to a suite with nearly naked dancers.

Blueface says he wasn’t kicked out and that stadium officials didn’t tell him anything. While it might seem like Las Vegas is running a tighter ship. It should be noted that no one on Blueface’s crew showed their nipples like Danii did.

Danii’s antics could be a preview of what’s to come, as he’ll be on stage at the famous Crazy Horse 3 strip club, which is right across the street from Allegiant.

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