The NFL Power Rankings after Week 11 of the season

The NFL Power Rankings after Week 11 of the season
The NFL Power Rankings after Week 11 of the season

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The Buffalo Bills remembered to run to win again

Eduardo Varela with his analysis of the things that impressed him most on Sunday week 11 in the NFL.

A look at the pecking order of the league’s 32 clubs, according to our experts, after the eleventh day of on-field action

The Week 11 of the regular season gave us the most anticipated game of the entire campaign on the enormous stage of “Monday Night Football“. The Philadelphia Eagles They retained the place of honor of the ESPN NFL Power Rankings with a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs with some measure of revenge Super Bowl LVIIwhich changed the configuration of the highest positions on the list, just below Philadelphia.

In the end, the Carolina Panthers They seem determined not to leave the basement.

Without further ado, we present the NFL Power Rankings in ESPN after the Week 11 from the regular season:

The most anticipated “Monday Night Football” of the year had a huge impact on ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings.ESPN

Note: The number in the first parenthesis indicates that team’s place in last week’s rankings. In the second parenthesis, the team’s current brand appears.

The Eagles understand that style points matter little when the priority is to win, and they got the most important of their season last night in Arrowhead, showing that the formula to beat the Chiefs is not only to get ahead and send prayers to avoid a comeback. of Mahomes. — R.Z.

For all those who doubted Brock Purdy after the 49ers’ three-game losing streak, on Sunday he became the first quarterback in franchise history to finish a game with a perfect passer rating by throwing at least 20 passes, that It is something that Joe Montana and Steve Young did not achieve. — E.C.

Baltimore looks in control of the North of the AL, despite the loss a couple of weeks ago at home against the Browns, but the issue is whether they are prepared to battle the Chiefs in the playoffs. –LMV

Three consecutive games without scoring a point in the second half is a big problem, but leading the league in dropped passes (26) is an even bigger problem for the Chiefs. — R.Z.

Even though they were losing against Chicago, the Lions achieved victory despite trailing by 12 points with 3 minutes left. This is the first time Detroit has been 8-2 since 1962. — E.C.

The hope of getting closer to the Eagles disappeared and everything indicates that they will have to settle for reaching the postseason without the division title. –LMV

Sunday’s win was closer than expected for the Dolphins, but it must be refreshing to know that the defense is also capable of making critical plays, and not leaving everything in the hands of the offense. — R.Z.

Trevor Lawrence is finding his best as the season progresses and that’s great news for Jacksonville, which right now has a legitimate shot at finishing as the No. 1 seed in the AFC. — E.C.

Cleveland is the hottest team in the AL North, but, despite a great victory against the Steelers, the level of its offense raises many questions heading into the end of the season. –LMV

It must feel pretty good on an organizational level to see that the Texans are able to win even when CJ Stroud throws three interceptions. — R.Z.

The change in offensive coordinator was immediately reflected in the Bills, who destroyed one of the best defenses in the league and once again looked like the candidate team they are expected to be. — E.C.

Not only did they put an end to the Vikings’ winning streak, but now – along with the Eagles – they are the teams with the most consecutive victories and, at the bottom of the division, they are now the runner-up of the Chiefs. –LMV

A quarterback with more time on the team, perhaps, would have been able to pull off another win for the Vikings, understanding that the execution of the 2-minute offense is a product of relentless repetition that Joshua Dobbs simply hasn’t had in Minnesota. — R.Z.

The offensive line must do a better job protecting Geno Smith, unless it wants to see Drew Lock, who completed two of the six passes he threw as his injury replacement, under center against the Rams. — E.C.

The loss to the Browns and another poor performance by their offense triggered the departure of coordinator , a move that the fans had been demanding for several weeks, and now the time will come to show if he was actually the whole problem. –LMV

The Saints didn’t have to play to have a very positive Week 11 with losses to the Bucs and Panthers, and with the Falcons not playing, too. — R.Z.

Indianapolis must do a better job at home if it wants to reach the playoffs, so far it has only won one of the five games it has played at home and that only victory was as an administrative home in Germany, it should not forget that it will still receive four games more at Lucas Oil Stadium this season. — E.C.

The winning streak with Antonio Pierce came to an end, but they must feel satisfied with the level they have exhibited and the battle they gave to a team that will be division champions, but now it is their turn to face another… the Chiefs. –LMV

All indications are that without Joe Burrow pulling the trigger, it will be impossible for the Bengals to replicate their late surge from last season. — R.Z.

The loss of running back Aaron Jones could be a blow for Green Bay, which will now have to rely on AJ Dillon to carry the load in the backfield despite having just one touchdown run all season. — E.C.

They unexpectedly swept the annual series against the Seahawks and in the process clarified the outlook for the 49ers, in addition to getting excited about the possibility of winning for the first time in the campaign. –LMV

The Falcons’ weather vane is once again pointing to Desmond Ridder, although it really matters little now, because there is no reason to think that Atlanta will not have a new quarterback in 2024. — R.Z.

It goes from defeat to defeat and the Buccaneers should not feel bad about the way they fell to the 49ers, fighting to the end against a much superior team. — E.C.

Brandon Staley’s post-game reaction with a journalist reveals the level of frustration that exists in the head coach and he looks like the main candidate to lose his job before ‘Black Monday’. –LMV

Finally, the decision that people were clamoring for came for the Jets with Zach Wilson moving to the bench. What’s more, he won’t even be second in the order, being displaced to the third rung as an emergency quarterback. It’s a drastic drop for a quarterback who some said should have been drafted first overall just two and a half years ago. — R.Z.

The Giants defense may be one of the most underrated units in the league, forcing five turnovers on Sunday and giving Tommy DeVito a chance to win. This only makes us wonder how far this team could go with a good quarterback. — E.C.

Strong candidates for ridicule of the week after the second loss of the year against the Giants and now they can only celebrate that tight setback against No. 1 on our hierarchical list. –LMV

It’s sad for Titans fans to see the caliber of talent they gave up for almost nothing to the Eagles, in AJ Brown and now Kevin Byard. — R.Z.

Justin Fields was 3 minutes away from reappearing with a victory, but the Bears made an effort to give the game to Detroit and they succeeded. — E.C.

Kyler Murray gives them a better opportunity to win games and now, at home against the Rams, they have another victory in their sights that seemed more distant weeks ago. –LMV

At this point, the only name that would inject credibility into the Patriots organization as an offensive coordinator is Tom Brady, and I don’t see that ever happening. — R.Z.

Bryce Young threw his third interception returned for a touchdown of the season, this is something he needs to urgently work on if he wants to last as a starting quarterback in the NFL. — E.C.

The following participated in the preparation of these Power Rankings: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafael Zamorano (RZ).

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