Real Madrid will have a VIP super box at the Santiago Bernabéu: 200 exclusive seats, disco, two terraces…

ANDl Santiago Bernabeu wakes up every morning with the firm idea of ​​continuing to build the future of football. A unique sports infrastructure in the world that will serve to complete the masterpiece of Florentino Perez in it real Madrid. And what seemed like an impossible dream, a ‘daring’ fantasy that the white president devised back in 2019is close to lighting an architectural work that will be at the forefront of the global football and business elite. “The best stadium in the world”with that forcefulness he presented the works of a more modern, more comfortable, safer and larger stadium.

This will be the VIP super box at the Santiago Bernabéu

The white president will go down in the history of the club for reigning in the sporting field (33 trophies in his two periods as head of the entity), for being the architect of signing footballers who have marked many generations ( Zidane, Ronaldo, Beckham, Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Modric, Kroos, Bellingham, Vinicius, etc…) and for having transformed it into the home of all Madrid fans into a source of income for the club for decades to come. So things are, BRAND have been able to speak with Jorge Merino, CEO and owner of Room 1804the interior design studio in charge of giving birth to the project that has become the ‘right eye’ of the white club’s works.

The jewel in the white crown

Just like the egyptian pharaohs They hoped to become gods in the afterlifeerecting temples to the gods and enormous pyramidal tombs for themselves… the real Madrid has decided create your own crown jewel for his new coliseum. Located in the highest ring of the white stadium, in the baptized skywalkthe walkway that surrounds the sky of Madrid will occupy 700 square meters. A VIP super box at the Santiago Bernabéu that will hover over the side of the Castellana, one of the largest and most luxurious in the world where football, gastronomy and fun will alternate.

He sky barwith its 700m2, It is presented as a modern reinterpretation of the rich traditional culture of Madrid. It merges elements such as the city’s characteristic bars, lights and architecture with immersive, technological, dynamic and changing spaces. With the firm intention that each visit becomes a unique and unrepeatable experience.. A project from the interior design studio ‘Room 1804’part of the signature Professional Groupwhich in principle It will be finished at the end of April…after a comprehensive renovation of the new Santiago Bernabéu that enters its final stretch.

The configuration of the Skybar spaces will be divided into 4 large areas and heights. The restaurant and nightclub area will be located at the respective ends of the Skybar, the central area will be dominated by a large bar and the unique wraparound bottle rack, and finally, the area of ​​stands and VIP boxes focused on providing privacy and generating views of the playing field during match days. The space also has two terraces on both sides, 250m2 each one, which They take inspiration from Madrid’s kiosks and its emblematic parks.

Real Madrid will have a VIP super box at the Santiago Bernabéu: 200 exclusive seats, disco, two terraces...

In addition, the VIP super box will have an area where on the days the ball rolls on the Bernabéu pitch it will be transformed into 200 seats to enjoy the game in the most exclusive way possible… and on the days when the ball is not rolling, The skybar will become an atmosphere place where you can eat or dine, have a drink and also dance until the wee hours of the morning in its luxurious nightclub.. The VIP boxes run longitudinally throughout the space and They have full views of the stadiumare made up of sofa and table sets. A space that creates an optical effect where the image of the stadium itself is projected and invades the interior.

The most ‘daring’ area of ​​the Skybar

A modern design that contrasts with the classic one from before, and that will be 100% covered… to give life to the most ‘daring’ area of ​​the stadium. The nightclub is the most provocative space in this new interior design project.. The spaces are covered with screens from the wall to the ceiling, They are wrapped and the content will generate changing atmospheres depending on the moment of use, creating unique customer experiences.. A space that will be exploited to the maximum on the days when there is no game, but that will respect the king of sport as much as possible so that the ball does not cry.

Real Madrid will have a VIP super box at the Santiago Bernabéu: 200 exclusive seats, disco, two terraces...

The music of the DJs in the mega box will stop completely and will be the ambient soundthe screams and chants of the white fans, which flood the Skybar to permeate the surrounding area that the Bernabéu offers on a match day. A large backlit brass embouchure frames the cabinaccompanied by the screens that surround the space, a space strategically located so that it is visible from the entire Skybar space. The wall will be a constellation of stars to illustrate a club that has always filled its squad with Galactic and that sports more stars on its chest than any other club.

A hallmark of the city that never sleepstransferred to the interior design project of the new place to be from the sky of Madrid. The objective is for the space to be operational from Taylor Swift concertwhich has signed the full with tickets ranging from 85 to 599 eurosand let everything go smoothly as Real Madrid advances through the knockout rounds in the Champions League. A space that the club will be able to exploit so that the club’s income grows to levels never seen before.. In addition, the possibility of organizing parties or private events will be another source of income.

Real Madrid will have a VIP super box at the Santiago Bernabéu: 200 exclusive seats, disco, two terraces...

This Skybar is surrounded by two terraces, each measuring 250m2, which take inspiration from Madrid’s kiosks and its emblematic parks.. The structures of the bars in metal and backlit glass along with The use of vegetation transports us to the pavilions of the Retiro and the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden. The mosaic floor evokes the most classic Madrid. The seating area has sinuous shapes, is comfortable, suitable for outdoors, with character and a modern design..

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