Scandal in the Argentine Cup: bottle crash and suspension

Scandal in the Argentine Cup: bottle crash and suspension
Scandal in the Argentine Cup: bottle crash and suspension

Dirty image inside Argentine Cup. The confrontation between Chacarita and Tigre in the round of 32 of the competition was overshadowed by a bottle crash to one of the players of the Undertaker. The referee immediately declared the suspension of the match after this attack.

The classic between both teams, which Tigre won 1-0 after a goal from Brahian Alemánwas suspended after a bottle was thrown from the stands, hitting the player Fernando Brandan from Chacarita Juniors.

The match, which was being played in Julio Humberto Grondona Stadium in Tigre, experienced a moment of tension after one of the local players, Agustín Cardozo, was sent off for a double yellow. From there the footballers led by Nestor Gorosito They began to protest in front of the referee, near the bench area and the stands.

In the first moment, Fernando Brandan was hit by another object thrown from the audience seats, turning around and subsequently receiving the impact of a bottle on his head. The Chacarita Juniors player immediately fell to the ground and required medical assistance.

The president of the visiting team went to the field after his player was treated, indicating that he had a cut and would not be able to continue playing the match. In the 15 minutes that were experienced with the match stopped, uncertainty was established in all those present, however, once the referee spoke with the doctors, he indicated that the match was suspended..

From Tiger They wanted to reject this violent act experienced in their stadium, announcing the measures they will take against the fan who threw the bottle that hit the rival footballer.

Likewise, the Chacarita medical team explained to TyC Sports the consequences of the bottle hit Brandán received. “On physical examination he has a conjunctival injection, with edema in the area, pain, difficulty in moving the eyeball and photopsias (flashes that are seen without light stimuli). We have to see how this continues. He cannot see in that region of the eye, that part is without vision at least until now. “He has difficult vision,” she developed.

The referee confirmed after the decision made that the Disciplinary Court will be the one that will decide if the confrontation continues. “I will pass the report to the Disciplinary Court and they will decide whether to continue or not”he explained before the TyC Sports microphones once suspended.

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