This is the house that Carla Jara and Francisco Kaminski shared: before it belonged to a famous Chilean soccer player

The end of the marriage between Carla Jara and Francisco Kaminski It has generated a stir in the world of entertainment, especially due to the different versions that appeared after the breakup.

It should be remembered that last week the entertainer confirmed the separation and said that the two had remained on good terms. However, the star soon emerged. Mekano to clarify that this was not the case, since there had been a Kaminski’s infidelity with a co-worker.

It didn’t take long for it to emerge that that person is the entertainer and former Miss Chile Camila Andrade. She and Kaminski are colleagues on the show Pandora’s boxin addition to recently hosting a festival in Puente Alto.

A couple of months before the abrupt separation occurred, the couple – who had already been together for more than a decade – had taken a tour of their immense house in Peñalolén, which was broadcast on television.

What Carla Jara and Francisco Kaminski’s house is like

During a special episode of The Divine Food to which they were invited as a couple, Jara and Kaminski had to be hosts and showed what their home was like.

At that time they clarified that they were there temporarily, as they were fine-tuning the details to move to their permanent home.

According to Kaminski, the house previously belonged to soccer player Arturo Vidal.. “A friend of mine bought it, we’ve been living here for a week. We are going to show you a little which corners we occupy,” said the journalist.

The interior of the property is characterized by being very bright and with white as the predominant color. In addition, one of the walls has a large window that faces the outside patio.

The couple said that some of the things that stood out the most about the home were two heated swimming pools, a gym and even an elegant nightclub.

However, the favorite corner of the Jara-Kaminski family was a large baby soccer field located in the patio. “Mariano, our son, is a soccer fan and that is why this place became his favorite, he spends the entire afternoon here from the moment he gets home from school,” said the actress.

It should be remembered that the “King” put the Las Pircas property up for sale in 2020, with a value of 55 thousand UF (around $1,500,000 million at the time).

According to the press, the luxurious house has 9 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, two large barbecue areas, dressing rooms, security guard booths and parking for almost 7 vehicles.

There was a heated pool both inside and outside the house.
The court that was located in the patio of the house.
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