Pérez sees options to beat Verstappen in China: “Looking forward to tomorrow”

Pérez sees options to beat Verstappen in China: “Looking forward to tomorrow”
Pérez sees options to beat Verstappen in China: “Looking forward to tomorrow”

After a scare in Q1 (he passed 15th) due to having encountered traffic and then saving tires, Sergio Pérez was able to reach Q3 and improve on his last lap to be second, giving his team a double on the front row for the GP of China.

Still on the main straight of the Shanghai International Circuit, Pérez summarized his session, and the stress in the different rounds. “It has been very intense. I was on the verge of being left out in Q1, I had traffic with one of the Williams and I had to abort my lap. I came back, started with used tires and finished 15th. It was a very complicated start to qualifying,” he commented .

“And then Q2 was a little easier, I could read the balance of the car well, and we made progress during the session. And yes, unfortunately, in the end, it wasn’t enough to beat Max, but overall, it’s a tremendous result of team because the track has changed a lot. We have also changed the car a lot to adapt to the conditions, so let’s hope that will also bear fruit tomorrow.

Regarding Max Verstappen and the possibility of challenging him for victory on Sunday, he said: “I think everything is at stake tomorrow. We can fight from there. And without a doubt we can have a strong pace. Today we have shown that we have a pretty good pace in the races. long runs, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Then, in words to his country’s television, FOX Sports MexicoRed Bull’s was less positive, to the point of defining it as “very, very bad classification.”

“The conditions changed a lot, the setting of the car changed a lot, we made a lot of compromises because we had a lot of degradation at the back this morning, but having a more stable platform comes some compromises that have to be made. My first good lap wasn’t until Q2 on my second attempt and in Q3 I didn’t have that progression.

Despite that, the Guadalajara He preferred to end with good words, and reinforced his idea that Sunday could be better: “I think the changes we have made will help a lot for tomorrow and we hope it will be positive.”

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