Mejía suspects an arbitration ruling for pardoning Cataño: who does he point to?

Mejía suspects an arbitration ruling for pardoning Cataño: who does he point to?
Mejía suspects an arbitration ruling for pardoning Cataño: who does he point to?
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The analyst did not overlook the controversy of the date in Millonarios’ victory against Pereira.

Iván Mejía, journalist
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April 21, 2024, 09:20 a.m. m.

As has become customary, refereeing controversies gain prominence in the close definition of the home runs of the Betplay I 2024 League.

The most recent discussion occurred in the 1-2 victory of Millonarios at Pereira’s home, which has them one step away from the classification, the one that no one was betting on less than a month ago.

The victory is vital in the aspirations of Gamero’s team but the way it happened generated a bitter controversy, since the referee Luis Delgado and his VAR team have been called into question after a specific play that, for many, marked the course of the match .

The action occurred in the 35th minute of the game, when a harsh tackle by Daniel Cataño was not sanctioned by the referee and, as seen in the replays, it could have at least merited a review by the VAR since there was a foul with the elbow that could have deserved expulsion.

For analyst Iván Mejía, the action was not only a clear and manifest error but was far from being an isolated event. On his social networks he shared a message in which several facts were pointed out that attract, at least, attention.

The account of I robbed America yesterday. And be careful, there are 2 dates left and that Dimayor team is going to get it no matter what.”

Well, Mejía not only shared it and gave it his endorsement, but also made clear his suspicion about a senior leader of the FPC: “Jaramillo Team. The horse of the owner of the racetrack.”

Mejía has been an acid critic of Fernando Jaramillo, president of Dimayor, and on this occasion he has even suggested a direct intervention in the direction of League I 2024.

The analyst has not been, in any case, the only one who protests the arbitration ruling in the Cataño case, which could produce, as happened before with Duarte in Millonarios vs Junior, a decision by the arbitration commission against Delgado.

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