Darío Benedetto’s provocative phrase pointing to the River tribune after Boca’s victory

Darío Benedetto’s provocative phrase pointing to the River tribune after Boca’s victory
Darío Benedetto’s provocative phrase pointing to the River tribune after Boca’s victory

The Boca forward made a comment after his team’s victory in the Superclásico

Boca Juniors qualified for the semi-finals of the League Cup after beating the Super classic to River Plate by 3 to 2 in Córdoba and the players celebrated with their audience for a long-awaited victory that puts Diego Martínez’s team two games away from adding a new title.

In the midst of the effusive celebrations with the 25 thousand fans xeneizes who took over their sector in the stadium Mario Alberto Kempes, Dario Benedetto He remembered his rivals and left a provocative comment that went viral on social networks.

“Focus there, they are all dead”declared the Pipe pointing to the popular tribune of the Millionaire, while a person recorded it with his cell phone. The comment was directed towards the River audience, which was leaving the stadium after the painful defeat against Boca.

Benedetto, 33, played about 20 minutes when he replaced Edinson Cavani, one of the authors of Boca’s goals against River. He Pipewho has not had continuity and lost ownership, is one of the “survivors” of that historic final of the 2018 Copa Libertadores in Madrid and has been the target of ridicule from fans of the Millionaire after his gesture against Gonzalo Montiel, at whom he stuck out his tongue after scoring the partial 1-0 in the Santiago Bernabeu.

He was not the only one who threw darts at the classic adversary, although the others who did so appealed to a different caliber or did so with greater subtlety. “With that anger between our teeth we turned it around. “We win playing football,” he remarked. Edinson Cavanione of the Auriazules heroes, thanks to the fact that he scored a goal and led to Miguel Merentiel’s partial 3-1 victory.

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Also Juan roman riquelmepresident of the institution, knew how to slip chicanery in his media raid (he spoke with ESPN, TNT Sports, T&C and in the mixed zone). “All week I was hearing that Demichelis was going for his third victory, and I never heard that Boca was going for its third consecutive tie. They didn’t put that in. We are happy that in the three times we faced each other, we always passed,” he urged.

“They clearly played on the counterattack in their stadium and today they did the same. Echeverri, who plays very well, plus the two forwards and the other seven from midfield to the back, to defend” he spanked again. And the reference to Martín Demichelis’s quote on February 1-1 was inevitable. “If I, as River coach, finish the game with seven defenders, I am surely not respecting the history of the club. We always want to be protagonists,” the former Bayern Munich had said. And the mention of number 7 of JJR10 does not seem random.

But the strongest phrase was Benedetto’s. And he will give cloth to cut throughout the week.

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