The day Mika Hakkinen ‘took’ this 2.2 million Mclaren from Mr. Bean

ORn day of 2018, Mika Hakkinen He picked up the phone and called his highest contacts at McLaren. Days ago he had tried an ‘old’ in Laguna Seca (United States) McLaren F1 GTR winner at Le Mans and the engineers had told him about McLaren Speedtail, the new sports car that the Woking brand was developing. He was told the features, the specifications, and at that moment, as he later acknowledged, he said to himself: “Okay, this is not like other super cars; this is going to be very special”.

But the reply which days later he received, and which has also revealed the Formula 1 world champion in 1998 and 1999, He put him between a rock and a hard place: “We could supply you with a car, but we have Rowan Atkinson asking too, and you’re both VIPs, but we only have one spot left…”.

Only 106 units

Two years later Hakkinen received his Speedtailsince of course he confirmed that he wanted to be one of the 106 lucky (the same number of units would be manufactured as the legendary McLaren F1) to those who sold the car.

The Finn had to complete the order requirements like any interested party: first he had to Complete an application and make a transfer 348,000 euros to the brand, in addition to another 232,000 euros production space reservation.

Chassis 25

They assigned him the chassis number 25, in honor of the number of fast laps that the former Formula 1 driver had achieved in Grand Prix driving a McLaren, and when it was delivered to him he had to complete a payment that in total amounted to 2.03 million euros of tariff price, but that with the 203,000 euros in options was finally left in 2,239,222 euros.

The car was delivered in color Volcano Red with the interior in Tan Brown. But,what made it so special to this car? The answer is that McLaren put in this car all the maximum technology of which he was capable and without sparing costs, knowing as he did that there would be no shortage of billionaires who wanted to buy it.

1,035 HP

Perhaps the least important thing was his enginea hybrid whose thermal part was the same V8 twin turbo employed in the Senna and P1but enhanced along with the electrical part up to 1,035 HP, in front of the 812 HP that the Senna and the 916 HP of P1.

The important thing is that its construction technology was such that it was 500 kg lighter than a Bugatti Chironwhich, with the help of his active aerodynamics and its elongated tail (a resource taken from the old Le Mans racing cars) allowed him exceed 400 km/h and go from 0 to 300 km/h in just 12.8 seconds.

In the center of fun

Then, of course, there were other attractions, such as its driving position in the center of the passenger compartment, with an additional seat on each side (it is a three-seater, like the F1), or the absence of rear-view mirrors, replaced by cameras that fold to reach maximum speed.

Hakkinen received the car on December 20, 2018 and He kept it in Switzerland, but he has not enjoyed it because the car has only 50 kilometers which are surely the sum of those he had when it was delivered to him and a single trip to his place of residence. It is very possible that Rowan Atkinson the actor who plays Mr. Bean, I would have enjoyed it much more. But now it’s too late for that… Or not, because Hakkinen has put it up for sale for a price that we do not know, although it will surely be for much more of what it cost him. This is how the former Formula 1 world champion himself explained it:

The going, at full speed

“I am very satisfied with the result of this car, the colors, the attention to detail, his technical ability and its unique appearance. The McLaren team has done everything they can for me and I am very grateful. I was hoping to be less busy now and have more time to enjoy driving in my free time, but life goes on at full speed, so finally I have decided to let the Speedtail go. If the new owner wants it, of course I will sign it in the car. And if you have time… I also know a good place to eat after!”

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