It is not the first time: Cepellini and the case of the knife in the classic

It is not the first time: Cepellini and the case of the knife in the classic
It is not the first time: Cepellini and the case of the knife in the classic

Pablo Cepellini was a victim of violence in Colombian soccer. The player was playing in the Antioquia classic between Atlético Nacional and Deportivo Independiente Medellín, crucial for the reds in their intention to qualify for the semi-final home runs.

When the game was tied 2-2, a corner kick was given for Atlético Nacional. The last minutes of the game were played and the DIM had the urge to look for the winning goal to be more comfortable in the standings on date 19 of the all against all.

However, when the Nacional midfielder approached the corner, the DIM fans threw objects at the player. One of them was a knife that fell directly on his head. Although the impact did not leave serious consequences, it was an attack by the stands that should have caused the match to be suspended. and that the reaction of the refereeing body was forceful.

That did not happen, the match continued, it ended in a draw, but Cepellini suffered the consequences of the blow. “Yes, I have a bump, I’m swollen, it hurts a little and I have a little blood. It wasn’t so they would give me points, but I’m used to it, they wanted to win and couldn’t”. “I think it was a knife, when I lowered my head I saw a lot of coins, bottles, I saw everything. “These are football things, but I leave it to Dimayor and football authorities to take care of,” the player said on Radio Munera.

Had it already happened at the FPC?

This is not the first time that fans have tried to attack a player from the stands with a knife. He also spent time with Millonarios, The victim was Macalister Silva and the Medellín fans were, once again, the aggressors of the Bogota midfielder.

This happened on Saturday, September 21, 2019, when Independiente Medellín received Millonarios on date 12 of the ‘all against all’, which ended with victory for the Bogota team. That day, Silva went to take a corner kick and a knife fell from the stands.

On that occasion, the blue team midfielder took the knife and showed it to the match referee, Carlos Ortega. Despite the forcefulness of the object and the risk it represented for the player’s integrity, The match was not suspended either. The perpetrator of the act was found and was banned from entering the stadium for 3 years.

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