Why it was Riquelme’s most important victory as a leader over River :: Olé

Why it was Riquelme’s most important victory as a leader over River :: Olé
Why it was Riquelme’s most important victory as a leader over River :: Olé

04/22/2024 8:59 p.m.Updated on 04/22/2024 9:21 p.m.

“Boca, Boca of my life, you are the joy of my heart,” he sings Juan roman riquelme next to the fans at the Mario Kempes stadium, he waves his right arm to the rhythm of the song, with a huge smile. He celebrates like never before in his career as a leader. He shakes the hand of a fan here and another there. He grabs a T-shirt that is thrown to him and flips it through the air. And he sings again wildly, excitedly: “Because the players are going to show me that they go out to win, they want to be champions, that they have it inside them, like I do.”

He is a totally unknown Riquelme, as he was never seen in a stadium, not even in his shorts days. Near the crowd, in the middle of the crowd. In a place that he perhaps took for the first time in the middle of the campaign for the last elections and, having felt comfortable and cared for like no other leader, he has already adopted it forever. Not for every day. But yes for special occasions. For a similar comeback and classification. For the most important victory over River of his management, between his term as vice president and these months in the position of president. For the triumph that will surely be marked in history as the one that “all went in”, just as others previously were “the muletazo of Palermo”, “it was not a corner” or “the neck of Guerra”.


THREE OF THREE: “All week I was hearing that Demichelis was going for his third victory, and I never heard that Boca was going for its third consecutive tie. They didn’t say that. We are happy that in the three times we faced each other, we always passed. It means that we are doing the right things. good things. They give us little propaganda, but We are happy with the group we have and being able to eliminate our rival for the third consecutive time. And with our people on the field, because the first two were in a pandemic,” the idol said after the game, upset with the media that did not mention his paternity (Olé did write about his streak on River).

THE TWO SWEATS: Obviously the fact that it was a one-on-one match is the most important condiment of all. Leaving your longtime rival behind is not the same as winning three points in a tournament match. But beyond this, this superclassic added other additional issues. One of them was the presence of the two fansNot to mention if you compare it with the previous ones without an audience. A superclásico with people from both teams is incredible. I hope we can experience it more often,” JR asked.

THE SHAPE: Another condiment was the way Boca played, dominating, subduing and subduing River except in the first minutes and the final ones. With authority, without fear of the opponent, feeling confident in himself, in his game and his ability. “They clearly played on the counterattack in their stadium, and today they did the same,” questioned Román.

THE COME BACK AND THE GOAL SCORE: The way his team played made it possible another ingredient that always collaborates so that a superclassic remains in history: the comeback, start losing and turn it around. And there also appeared a special flavor of the match in Córdoba: Edinson Cavani’s long-awaited goal against Riverthe same one that the millionaire public made fun of in the previous confrontation at the Monumental, celebrating the goals in the warm-up, in the middle of a bad streak for the Matador.

IT ALL CAME IN: River’s complaint about the disallowed goal 5 minutes into the first half ended up becoming spent on social networks. Based on the millionaire claim that the ball “went all the way in” after the rebound in Lema and the save by Chiquito Romero, the Boca fans took it as their own and gave another meaning to the initial phrase that they raised from the defeated team in this Super classic.

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