Hernán López Muñoz was bought by an MLS champion and River Plate will receive a millionaire sum: “Everything is already defined”

Hernán López Muñoz was bought by an MLS champion and River Plate will receive a millionaire sum: “Everything is already defined”
Hernán López Muñoz was bought by an MLS champion and River Plate will receive a millionaire sum: “Everything is already defined”

Daniel López Maradona gave an interview for Radio Continental

Godoy Cruz It was the sensation team in the first part of the year. The good performance shown by the team Daniel Oldra revolutionized Argentine football, although it ended up overshadowed by the premature elimination in the repechage of the Libertadores Cup added to the fall against Velez in the quarterfinals of the League Cup. In this context, the Tomb will lose a key piece for what will be the Professional League and this news will also affect River Plate.

According to the information provided by the journalist Germán García Grovaspecialized in the foreign exchange market, the San Jose Earthquakes of the Major League Soccer (MLS) of the United States reached a “agreement” to incorporate into great nephew of Diego Maradona for a figure of USD 7 million in exchange for 100% of your pass and will sign a contract for five years with the California entity. He will be under the orders of the American Luchi González.

The mentioned source specified that they are working against the clock to register him because the transfer market closes this Tuesday, April 23. The next transfer window will take place from Thursday, July 18 to Wednesday, August 14, according to the official MLS site. His landing in North America will be essential to lift a team that is sinking in last place in the Western Conference With 3 points, it is the one that has added the fewest units among the 29 franchises in the championship and has recorded 1 victory, 8 losses, 13 goals scored and 24 goals conceded. Nor will he face the Inter Miami of Lionel Messi in the Regular Season because they were not drawn on the calendar, although the faces could be seen if they advance to the Playoff or in the Leagues Cup.

What role does River Plate have in the operation? He Millionaire You still have 50% of your chip after you have sold the other half to Godoy Cruz in exchange of USD 1,000,000. Due to this, Núñez’s club will receive a part of the operation. “River receives half. Clean, I would be collecting almost three million dollars because you have a significant percentage of taxes”, reported Sebastián Srur, reporter for Radio Continental (AM590). He will be a teammate of the former Boca Juniors, Christian Espinozain the entity that knew how to be champion of the MLS in 2001 and 2003.

He played only one game in River Plate’s Primera (Credit: Hernán Lopez Muñoz)

It should be remembered, the talented offensive midfielder only played one match with the team’s shirt. Band. It happened in April 2019, when he scored a goal in a 3-2 loss against Tiger in it Monumental. Later, she spent two years on loan in Córdoba Central and, when he returned, he left again on loan to Godoy Cruzwhere he exploded and the institution bought a part of his token. He leaves Tomb with 51 games with 7 goals and 6 assists.

In conversation with the program Get out of the wayby Continental, his father and former footballer, Daniel Lopez Maradona He provided details of the negotiation: “Everything is already defined. I am here in Buenos Aires, but I was communicating with him, seeing the alternatives there were. It happened, I don’t know if it was the best, it’s what came out”.

In addition, he told how he advises his son: “I explain to him what I experienced, I talk to him about the football part, about what can happen. I also played in the interior, I know the kind of people they are, they are special. And now I also told him the same thing. It is another country, another idiosyncrasy, another way of watching football, but They are challenges that one has to face”.

Hernán López Muñoz with his father, Daniel López Maradona, former Argentinos Juniors player (Credit: Hernán López Muñoz)

Later, he explained that there were consultations to take Hernán to the Naplesplace where Diego Maradona shone: “Polls and questions, there were. It’s not that it was invented. There was a rumor, they asked, but nothing more than that. “It would have been beautiful because of the Italian football and the place.”

I don’t know what your ceiling will be because every time you are incorporating and learning more things. You never reach a ceiling because new things always appear. The issue is wanting to do it and facing situations. “Not staying with what was done, you always have to keep improving,” he added about the potential of the 23-year-old player.

Hernán López Muñoz is related to him Fluff because Anaone of Diego’s sisters, is his grandmother. His father, Daniel, had a career in Argentinos Juniors, Gimnasia de Jujuy, Mineros, Estudiantes de Mérida and Deportivo Italmaracaibo (all three from Venezuela), San Miguel, San Martín de Tucumán and Almagro.

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