Colo Colo is filled with casualties for the vital match against Fluminense

Colo Colo is filled with casualties for the vital match against Fluminense
Colo Colo is filled with casualties for the vital match against Fluminense

Colo Colo lived a bitter night at the Monumental. They tied without goals against Alianza Lima, giving up home points that will now be mandatory to recover as a visitor. A team led by Jorge Almirón that appeared with several new features, but ended up getting confused.

With this, the next Cup match appears to be vital for luck in this group stage. The problem is that it will be against Fluminense, this time at the Monumental, where the white team will have to add three at a time and leave this bitter pill behind.

The problem is that some vital players so far this year were ruled out for that match. The injuries and suspensions took their toll on the Cacique against Alianza Lima and will have a direct impact on what will happen against Fluminense.

Leonardo Gil and Arturo Vidal were automatically suspended after accumulating their third yellow card. The first to be suspended was Colorado, after a foul in which they cut off a progress. And already in the discounts, Vidal also earned the card.

Colo Colo suffers with losses against Fluminense

But everything indicates that they will not be the only ones. Guillermo Paiva suffered severe muscle discomfort and according to several sources it was a tear in the hamstring. Given that scenario, it is quite likely that he will miss several weeks of action.

The good side is that Lucas Cepeda has already added minutes again against Alianza Lima and is available. Erick Wiemberg, for his part, will be able to return against Fluminense after serving his suspension date and Óscar Opazo should be better physically against the Brazilians.

Thus, those who appear as regulars for the midfield line in that commitment will be Esteban Pavez and Vicente Pizarro. Perhaps, the trident could be completed by Gonzalo Castellani. Up front, meanwhile, in case Paiva is not there, the call to enter is Damián Pizarro.

For that match, again, we will have to be careful with the yellow ones. Carlos Palacios, Emiliano Amor and Maximiliano Falcón are the players in attendance against Fluminense and if they receive a new yellow card they will not be available to play the momentous match against Alianza Lima in the Peruvian capital.

Vidal was suspended for the next cup match.

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