What happened to Edwin Cardona? Outside the radar of the National Team and poor performance in clubs

Edwin Cardona comes from a weak semester with América de Cali, the Scarlets were barely eliminated in the ‘All against all’ and the midfielder did not return to his brilliance and genius of other times. At 31 years old, dressed in red, he was not seen as decisive, just some glimpses of the player who in the past radiated good football in clubs such as Atlético Nacional, Monterrey or Boca Juniors, among others..

It was another example of Cardona’s poor performance in recent times, his last great performances would have to be looked for there in his stages in Boca and Pachuca, but then came a fleeting stint in Tijuana, a second cycle in Boca that was not convincing and the move to Racing in which he really disappointed. Problems due to injuries and his physical condition, mainly related to his weight, have marked his downward trend.

Nobody doubts his quality and technique with the ball, he is one of those midfielders on the verge of extinction, with good footing, intelligent with the ball, ability to raise his head and leave his forwards hand in hand with the goalkeepers, with great punch , having the ball in motion and from free throws.

In America the arrival of Cardona was exciting The previous year, he arrived, improved his physique and got ready, started at a high level, scored 6 goals and gave 3 assists, but like the entire Scarlet team, he slowed down in the semi-final home runs at the end of the year.

In 2024, Cardona also began showing signs of his good football, started with an assist for the win against Atlético Nacional, but then the constant appeared again, his irregularity and the entire team was evident, they could not get their category in CONMEBOL Sudamericana and the final blow came with the elimination that ended to receive. His departure from the red of Cali is imminent and he is increasingly seen much further away from the radar of the Colombian National Team.

The last time Edwin Cardona was taken into account in the Tricolor was in the 2021 Copa América, with the team he never played in the World Cup and has a total of 45 matches between official matches and friendlies.

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