“Ayrton is bigger than Pelé”: the fervor of Brazilians in tribute to Senna 30 years after his death

“Ayrton is bigger than Pelé”: the fervor of Brazilians in tribute to Senna 30 years after his death
“Ayrton is bigger than Pelé”: the fervor of Brazilians in tribute to Senna 30 years after his death

Brazilians talk about Senna

Since early morning people were seen at the main entrance of the José Carlos Pace Autodrome of Interlagos, in San Pablo. This Wednesday, May 1, we commemorate the 30 years since the death of Ayrton Senna and ones 10 thousand fans They came to pay tribute whom many consider the greatest Brazilian idol, even above Peleaccording to the survey carried out Infobae.

The love affair with his compatriots, especially those from São Paulo, led him to an unbreakable love that continues to this day, 30 years after his death, due to the fatal accident at the Dino and Enzo Ferrari Autodrome, home of the San Marino Grand Prix.

The event has been celebrated for 19 years and the objective is to honor Senna’s memory. This time there were no racing cars on the São Paulo track, but rather thousands of people who paid tribute to the remembered three-time Formula 1 world champion. Infobae He spoke to some of the participants to find out what Senna means to them. “He is a Brazilian icon. He is Brazil’s biggest idol, above Pelé, because of his history. His best legacy was persistence,” says Valmir.

Regarding what Senna inspires, Dorival says that “freedom and effort. Senna is incomparable. On Sundays Brazil was paralyzed and people would get together to eat and watch their races.”

From 5 in the morning the participants entered the São Paulo circuit

“He is an idol, an inspiration,” says Roberto. “He is more of an idol than Pelé because of his charisma and his determination. Pelé was a little more closed. “There has never been a person like Ayrton Senna in F1,” he adds.

“He made us get up on Sundays to watch the races. He was focused, persistent, a winner. He is more than Pelé not only because of the results, but because of the legacy he left of improvement. Soccer is very popular in Brazil and F1 is more selective. Senna managed to bring F1 to a Brazilian and what happens with a soccer player is different,” explains Marcelo.

“He is the best F1 racer in Brazil and in the world. For us he is a maximum idol, more than Pelé, because of his history of self-improvement and the runner he was,” says Marcia.

“He is the greatest idol of Brazil. “I only liked motorsports during Senna’s time,” says Ricardo.

“I was born two months before his death, but he inspires as an athlete and person. He is the biggest idol in the country because of the motivation he transmitted to people. I didn’t know this race existed and when I found out it was in tribute to Senna I wanted to come,” says Renato, 30 years old.

10 thousand runners were present at Interlagos to honor Senna

“Ayrton is present in my life. It’s part of my story. She was eight years old when he died. He is a life inspiration for me. He is a national idol and today I am here to thank him and pay tribute to him,” Douglas confides.

“He is a wonderful person. It gave us joy when we had nothing. He is the biggest idol in the country. “He left a message of improvement, resilience and charisma,” says María.

“He is the greatest athlete in Brazilian sport. His conquest inspired people. He is above Pelé because he was a consistent world athlete. He also helped humble people. He had a very big personality,” Ednaldo asserts.

“Senna is everything. A victorious warrior, he always fought with determination. It’s more than Pelé. He came from Rio de Janeiro to participate in the race in tribute to Senna,” says Basilio.

Senna was crowned champion in 1988, 1990 and 1991, a treble he obtained with the McLaren team. He ran in the Máxima between 1984 and 1994. He competed 161 F1 Grands Prix, won 41, scored 65 pole positions, achieved 80 podiums and 19 lap records.

Senna’s lap of honor after winning at Donington Park in 1993 and with the flag of his country, his healthy habit (McLaren Press)

In a Brazil that in 1985 left behind a 21-year Dictatorship, and faced with the scourge of needs in the neighboring country, Ayrton’s sporting successes were a breath of fresh air for the population. Coincidence, destiny, or however you want to explain it, that drought of titles for the Brazilian team in the World Cups between 1970 and 1994 was cut just two and a half months after the tragic end of Senna. The truth is that while the Stratch could not lift the highest trophy in football again, for 19 years the Brazilians won eight world titles in F1 thanks to their champions: Emerson Fittpaldi (1972 and 1974), Nelson Piquet (1981, 1983 and 1987) and Senna himself (1988, 1990 and 1991).

All three are idols, but with Ayrton something special was generated since he was a contemporary of Piquet, whose antihero profile sometimes put him behind the Brazilian fans, who chose the charisma of the then young São Paulo player over the Carioca one. This was strengthened since 1990 when Brazil once again had Interlagos as its stage to receive the Máxima.

He José Carlos Pace Autodrome In 1989, it underwent a series of structural reforms and Ayrton himself got involved so that his “backyard” could be able to accommodate the elite of motorsport. For example, he advised the modification in the first corner that was later renamed with his name, the mythical “S for Senna” and today 10 thousand fans ran there who came to pay tribute to the remembered three-time world champion of Senna. Formula 1.

The three decades since his departure are mere data for statistics. Ayrton senna It is resistant to oblivion because it left its mark on the collective imagination of Brazilians. That athlete who knew how to bring joy to his people and made them feel proud because he marked an era in the Formula 1. The remembered three-time world champion continues to accelerate in the hearts of fans in his country and around the planet.

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