Atlético Nacional idol blesses Cardona’s return: ‘he is from the house’

Atlético Nacional idol blesses Cardona’s return: ‘he is from the house’
Atlético Nacional idol blesses Cardona’s return: ‘he is from the house’
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The creative will surely leave América de Cali and some believe he would help rescue the club.

Edwin Cardona during his time at Nacional.
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May 1, 2024, 01:31 p.m. m.

The twists and turns of life and football would cause a return that is not the first time it has been mentioned and that some see as an illusion in the face of the recovery of an Atlético Nacional that wandered in this Liga Betplay I 2024, was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores and caused chaos that ended with the departure of Jhon Bodmer and even the replacement of the club’s presidency.

Now, with Pablo Repetto on the bench, who has just arrived and is already carrying the weight of eliminating the home runs, a new story must be built, in which there will be, as has been officially stated by the club, that there will be reinforcements from weight to get out of the crisis.


Football curiosities

Who will arrive? The new president, Sebastián Arango, did not shed much light on the institution’s 77th birthday: “It is impossible to tell you anything about it because I have just joined the team. What I can assure is that we are going to work to make the best hires. And we will achieve a healthy balance between experienced players, established young players and sporting promises with the maximum projection. The women’s team shows it to us,” he said.

In any case, a name has begun to be aired in recent days and it even has the blessing of one of the idols, who received recognition at the birthday celebration.

This is Macnelly Torres, who openly spoke about what the club needs to begin the necessary restructuring, and mentioned the controversial creative.

“I would bring a classic, old number ten or whatever you want to call it. That is part of Nacional’s DNA. Cardona is from the house, he is made in Nacional, he loves the team and he is a classic ten, who, without any problem, would be fine in Nacional. Today he is more mature, he has international experience and matches with the Colombian National Team,” he said in Long Kick from Win .

And Cardona wants to return?

Macnelly’s support is undoubtedly a caress for Cardona, who will surely leave América de Cali next June, when a contract that will not be renewed ends, largely because he did not have the specific weight that was expected in the team, especially under the command of Farías.

América, like the green one, was eliminated from the Betplay I 2024 League home runs and the adjustments of expensive players like the Antioquian seem reasonable and almost necessary.

​That’s why Cardona is already looking for an alternative, as a free agent, and returning home seems practically a dream: his family lives in Medellín and he himself, before signing with the Scarlets, tried to return to Atlético Nacional after leaving de Argentina. Will it happen this time? Not having to pay transfers will help, without a doubt, but it will also require a significant reduction in his salary aspirations.

In any case, it will depend on whether Repetto is the reinforcement that Macnelly anticipates and whether it is a priority, although according to what he has said in press conferences he aspires to teams with great physical display, a point that could work against Cardona.

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