Colo Colo corners Fortaleza for Gato Lucero: money or punishments

Colo Colo corners Fortaleza for Gato Lucero: money or punishments
Colo Colo corners Fortaleza for Gato Lucero: money or punishments

More money or “sports punishments” were the possible scenarios described by the recently assumed president of Blanco y Negro regarding the Argentine’s controversial transfer to Brazilian football. Are more millions coming?

By Jorge Rubio

Updated on 05/02/2024 – 23:09 CLT

Updated on 05/02/2024 – 23:09 CLT

© JONNATHAN OYARZUN/PHOTOSPORTJuan Martín Lucero played against Fortaleza with Colo Colo.

Colo Colo know that it is very likely that Strength deposit more money in exchange for the controversial signing of Juan Martin Lucero. Shortly before his departure as president of Blanco y Negro, Alfredo Stöhwing defined the transfer of the Cat as “an escape”.

What reliable proof that this issue still has an unhealed wound in the Cacique’s senior staff. Of course, everything seems to indicate that the legal process carried out by ByN will have a positive effect. Hannibal Meuserecently chosen for his third cycle as head of the dealership’s board of directors, told more details about it.

“Our lawyers have spoken with representatives of Fortaleza. We have a position: We not only lost economic issues. We lost a scorer. we brought a forward who was not well known. We put it in the orbit of Latin America and then for different reasons he ended up there,” Mosa said in an interview with Cooperativa Deportes.

Juan Martín Lucero scored for Fortaleza against Palestino in the 2023 Copa Sudamericana. (Photosport).

He added that “we had a very important loss. The board set a guideline for how far you can negotiate. If Fortaleza fits into that pattern, we can reach an agreement. And if not, we will follow the instances where appropriate.” The challenging tone of the Puertomontian businessman has a very clear reason.

Colo Colo: Mosa reveals favorable outlook against Fortaleza for Gato Lucero

Aníbal Mosa practically took it for granted that there will be a new financial compensation to Colo Colo from Fortaleza for the arrival of Juan Martín Lucero, who since January 2023 has been a member of the Tricolor del Pueblo, as the Ceará team is known.

Fortaleza’s mistake is well established and what can happen to it are sporting punishments: that the player does not play, that he is sanctioned in some transfer window where he cannot hire players. “We are open to discussing the issue,” stated Mosa.

Juan Martín Lucero celebrates one of the two goals he scored against the U in a Superclásico played at the Fiscal de Talca. (Jonnathan Oyarzun/Photosport).

According to what was stated by ByN’s largest individual shareholder, the situation seems set for Colo Colo’s coffers to receive another injection of money after the million dollars that has already been paid. As things stand, there could soon be fresh resources for the transfer market and other tasks: the sale of half of Jordhy Thompson’s letterin addition to the proceeds from the sale of 70 percent of the economic rights of Damian Pizarro to Udinese.

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