Voices from Formula 1 react to the departure of Adrian Newey

Voices from Formula 1 react to the departure of Adrian Newey
Voices from Formula 1 react to the departure of Adrian Newey

A great shock came on Wednesday in the world of Formula 1after Red Bullcurrent champion team of the ‘Great Circus’ by the hand of Max Verstappenwill announce the departure of the ‘brain’ from the energy drink franchise in the best motor category, Adrian Newey.

The engineer, the great protagonist of the 13 titles of Red Bull in their F1 showcases (4 titles Vettel3 of Verstappen and 6 constructors’ championship), announced his departure from the team at the end of the current season and his name is already floating around in various teams that are attentive to his future.

Likewise, various voices of the F1 have spoken after the departure of Newey. One of them was Fernando Alonsopilot Aston Martin who dreams of having in the team Adrian.

“It would be a very good addition”

In conversation with Marca, Alonso detailed that “Newey “He is a genius, someone who has truly changed this sport for the better.”

“He always contributed many ideas to different teams and with great success. It would be a very good addition to any team and more in “Aston Martin”he indicated.

Who also reacted to the departure of Newey was Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez, who confessed that “Adrian, with the experience he has, has obviously contributed to the philosophy of Red Bull. So I assume you’re going to have a immediate impact where you go”.

“He is a hard-working boy, he is more than a engineer, can influence a race week. It is very strong and wherever it goes it will cause a high impact”he slipped.

On the other hand, the brother of the historical Michael Schumacher and also a former pilot, Ralphspoke about Adrian’s departure from Red Bull and ventured to fix a destination for Newey.

In his words he assured that “it was no coincidence that he left at the beginning of 2025so I think that in 2026 there will be a Ferrari designed by Adrian Newey.

It was there where he also dropped a ‘bomb’ by ruling that “Max Verstappen will also leave Red Bulland he will do it alongside other good engineers who are guaranteed to go somewhere else, some of them with Adrian Neweydeclared in Motorsport Total.

Statements that account for the legacy left by the ‘brain’ of Red Bull hegemony in the current Formula 1.

It remains to wait to know what he will do Newey in his future, whether to take a team and take all his knowledge to start a good adventure or whether he will take some time to analyze proposals that can attract your attention, after being considered one of the best ‘engineers’ of the best motor category in the world of motor sport.

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