“I enter, I fight and I don’t talk like others”

lthe lights of Farmasi Arena, a venue built on the legendary Nelson Piquet circuit in Rio de Janeiro, go out to receive their King with a great ovation. He will leave the Hall of Fame to go to war again, and everything will change. José Aldo (31-8), the ‘King of Rio’, returns to the UFC after becoming featherweight champion, retiring and accepting one last dance. Does it look phenomenal? Not for everyone. Because in the other corner and leaving with a loud whistle, it will appear Jonathan Martínez (19-4). The most fearsome kicker in the UFC. The ‘villain’ of this story. But one that doesn’t ask for spotlights. “Other fighters talk. I don’t like it. I go in, I fight, I win. And I go home. I see others at parties, I’m calm. I focus on myself,” he tells MARCA.

Other fighters speak. I do not like it. I enter, I fight, I win. And I’m going home. I see others at parties, I am calm

Jonathan Martinez

Martínez prepares for a fight.

Martínez, known as ‘Dragón’, will face the legend Aldo and attended MARCA hours before getting on the scale and preparing for the fight. “I’m fine, I’m always prepared. Other fighters when they don’t fight look to do other things, I always train as if I had a fight,” she says. Aldo is not scary, it is his turn to show. “Yes, I followed him when I was little. I saw his fights with my parents. But it already happened to me in the past with other grown-ups. But it doesn’t affect, in the week of the fight I am focused on myself. It doesn’t matter if he’s the champion, it doesn’t matter. After yes. Admiration,” he explains.

Yes, I saw Aldo’s fights with my parents when I was little… but now it doesn’t matter

Jonathan Martinez

There is a curiosity between the two: they are immense kickers. The best in that art ever and a Martínez who, in his last fight, took Yáñez out of the octagon with that force. “I have more weapons to show. He plays in his style. Kicks are complicated because the check and he will try to take out his boxing and get into it,” he explains. But there is something else. Aldo returns, he is a legend… and it is Brazil.

“They told me seven weeks ago. I thought he was retired, but we went after him. Yes, everyone says he is the ‘King of Rio’. But he doesn’t care. He is a normal person and I will go in and do my job. We will both grow, but I studied everything with a magnifying glass and I have confidence,” he analyzes.

Yes, everyone says he is the ‘King of Rio’. But he doesn’t care. He is a normal person and I will go in and do my job.

Jonathan Martinez

Jonathan Martinez.

To grow?

He hopes to beat the Brazilian in his city, and if the performance is convincing, it is well known that the UFC is betting. Is it a jump to be on O’Malley’s list of rivals? “If we win we will go up to fight with a top-5. Plus he comes from boxing and we can take advantage of it,” he comments. The company is clear that he believes in the ‘Dragon’. “Any fight I have I approach it as if the other person has the belt. Aldo has been the best and for me it is as if he wanted to get away from the belt,” he explains.

They said that this sport is not because they hit me a lot… but look at me, in my first PPV fight

Jonathan Martinez

Your career can take the definitive step. That of a boy who was not recommended to practice MMA. “They told me to look for something else, that they would beat me here. And look at me, I’m in my first paid fight,” she remembers. And that of one who is already ready for anything. “Aldo has always been one of the best, but I am the one we will see best when I get in there,” he says. It is the turn of a villain against the hero José Aldo. A fireworks co-feature at UFC 301.

Aldo has always been one of the best, but I am the one we will see best when I get in there

Jonathan Martinez

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