Is National for sale? Green is looking for new partners; we tell you the details

Is National for sale? Green is looking for new partners; we tell you the details
Is National for sale? Green is looking for new partners; we tell you the details
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The rumor that resonated in the halls of the Atanasio Girardot for a few months has become a reality: The Ardila Lulle family, majority owner of Atlético Nacional, has made the decision to open the doors of the club to new members. This news, without a doubt, has generated great satisfaction among the purslane fans, who are expectant about the future that lies ahead for the most emblematic team in Colombian football.

The decision to look for partners is not accidental. Atlético Nacional, despite its glorious history and broad fan base, has been facing a series of financial challenges that have limited its capacity for investment and growth. A considerable debt, added to the need to reinforce the roster of players, has prompted the Ardila Lulle family to explore new alternatives to guarantee the sustainability of the club.

Is the equipment for sale?

Opening to new partners It does not necessarily imply the sale of the equipment. The owners have expressed their intention to maintain a significant stake, but are looking for strategic allies who can provide fresh capital, experience and new ideas to drive the growth of the green complex.

The COLOMBIAN was able to establish that the profile of The partners sought are broad and range from institutional investors and foreign companies to football fans with a strong commitment to the club.

They are open to considering different types of partnerships, as long as these are beneficial for the future of the team and are aligned with the values ​​and tradition of Atlético Nacional.

The search for members represents a unique opportunity for the club to take a leap forward and consolidate as one of the strongest clubs in South America.

The new partners would provide the necessary resources to reduce the debt, modernize the infrastructure, strengthen the player squad and, ultimately, compete more successfully in local and international tournaments.

Without a doubt, in this process the active participation of the fans will be essential. The shareholders want to maintain an open and transparent dialogue with the fans, who will be key actors in the construction of the green’s new chapter, which began with the arrival of coach Pablo Repetto, sports director Gustavo Fermani and president Sebastián Arango Botero.

The owners are clear that the key to success will be finding strategic allies who are committed to building a solid, competitive and sustainable team that continues to fill its millionaire fans with pride.

It’s historic

The search for partners represents a new chapter in the history of Atlético Nacional. “It is an opportunity to that the club is renewed, strengthened and reaches new horizons. “The future of green will depend on the wisdom of the decisions made at this crucial moment, but without a doubt, the passion and support of the fans will be fundamental to building a bright future for the most beloved team in Antioquia,” said one of the sources.

You think big

While City Football Group (CFG) has been mentioned as a potential major partner for Atlético Nacional, there are several options on the international football scene that could be attractive to the Colombian club.

For example, Red Bull, which has partnerships with RB Leipzig (Germany), Bragantino (Brazil), FC Salzburg (Austria) and New York City FC (United States).

In these teams he has shown an efficient management model, his investment in young talent, in addition to his experience in scouting, player development and data analysis could be very valuable for the Antioquia club.

Likewise, it has had a significant impact on the US market, one of the most lucrative in the world in marketing, branding and audience development, which could help Nacional expand its global presence and increase its financial income.

A partnership with American businessman Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons American soccer team and the Major League Soccer (MLS) Atlanta United soccer team, with whom he has managed to establish a strong connection, would also be important. with his fans and has built a modern stadium. His experience in brand building and creating an engaging stadium experience could be useful to the Purslanes.

Another international partner that could contribute is Vietnamese-American businessman Henry Nguyen, owner of Los Angeles FC (United States), a club with a large capital investment and a focus on attracting international stars. Its ability to attract high-level talent and generate media interest could be beneficial.

Explore nearby allies

There are also Latin American partners with potential for regional synergy, such as the América club (Mexico), which belongs to Televisa, a Mexican media company that is a leader in the production of audiovisual content in Spanish and is seeking new investments, now in South America. His experience in managing large clubs and his participation in Liga MX, one of the most competitive on the continent, could be used by the green team.

The owner of Palmeiras (Brazil), Leila Pereira, has said that she is looking for alliances around the continent, so Nacional could be a strategic partner. His track record in international tournaments and his ability to compete at the highest level are plus points at this time.

Nothing will be left to chance

Asian allies with investment potential have not been ruled out either, such as the Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) (China). Also the Rakuten Group, owner of Vissel Kobe (Japan).

The green would not close the doors to the Middle East either, where Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad (Qatar) is seen, who is the owner of Al-Sadd, a team that has won several national and continental titles. His experience in managing large clubs and his access to the Qatari market, one of the richest in the world, are strengths that cannot be discarded.

The opening for Nacional to create a sports partnership has been contemplated since Postobón decided not to capitalize the club anymore so that it is self-sustainable, so that with what it generates in income it can cover its entire operation, its expenses and banking obligations.

With the arrival of the sponsor Betsson, the coffers of the Antioquia team began to see relief, since the cast had been in the red since 2017, the last year in which it had profits before 2023, according to a report on the financial behavior of the clubs carried out. by Supersocieties. Therefore, in the restructuring, the Ardila Lulle family wants the club to once again be at the top of the continent as it did in 1989 and 2016 when it won the Copa Libertadores.

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